Sunday, February 17, 2013

Trash # 319

So Cock in a Frock and Inseminator set the Red Dress Run. Sounds sort of appropriate. They definitely pulled a crowd with about 40 people dressed up in their best reds converging on bewildered tourists and locals at Cable Beach. It was obvious that TA and ST were not shopping at the op shop last week, more like Carpet Paint and Tile. I’m sure their creativity is wasted where they work and they only get a chance to expose it (or themselves) on Monday nights. I must say the effort put in this year by everyone was exceptional. Faucet had a designer style H dress, Uranus an age appropriate number, Guzzle Guts wore the same outfit as last year but it looked different and he was glad it was that stretchy fabric, Dirty was all about the hair, Beep Beep looked like a greyhound wrapped in a cafĂ© tablecloth, a couple of the young boys had the socks and fishnets happening and the older one should consider a shave or a bit of red hair dye for body parts next year, The girls, well, they tried hard but sometimes it the boys who attract the attention. The run was shit of course, along the beach, across the dunes, a through the park along the streets and somewhere along the way the group split into two. Everyone was keen to stick together as it wasn’t one of those nights you wanted to find yourself alone under a street light. To the delight of Tightarse there was a huge Hash Halt stacked with beer and not a bit of fruit in sight but unfortunately he was asked to leave as Divers has some rule about topless men but not men (and women) in sweat soaked dresses. From the halt it was a short sprint home to the Carpark where we took over a section for the Circle. Circles are generally round. This one was long. I’ll try and compensate by keeping the blog short. TA started talking, hares downed beer, Mama Craker spent a lot of time kneeling on corona carton, Crackdiver on ice, again, Slops too, half the crowd got charged or were returnees, TA kept talking, Circle ran out of beer, someone got more. Fluffer and WSB did 69, Namings, Craka Mama, ZZ Twat and Half Tit, TA continued talking, I heard the words sunrise and bed time mentioned. Circle finished. Food good if you got in early. Cheescake and salad if you were slow.
Shit run but for a good cause. Broome Hash will be donating $500 to the Saraza Family to go towards helping their son Matt. Lots of our hospital hashers know him and I found a link which is a bit old but lets you know your money is going locally to someone who really needs it.
On On
Better photos floating around on Facebook and maybe the Broome Advertiser. Think we need a new camera.

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