Monday, February 11, 2013

Trash # 318

Fanta Pants and Slops. Lovely girls, shit run. Actually not just shit but actually devastating for one young hasher who is currently receiving treatment for the trauma experienced by arriving at a Hash Holt and finding only Apple Juice, Water melon and Oranges. We suspect this has been building up over time as recently there have been late holts and missed holts and even one where we ran out of beer but Monday night was too much and he stood there motionless like one of those things I can’t think of the name for and have no time to work it out. Fortunately it was only a short sprint back home so I guess he treated it as a matrix moment and kept running. The run explored a bit of Broome North which is growing rapidly and creating more streets for us to visit. Back in Roey, Cock was back in action, in a fashion and ran the Circle. We had a couple of virgins that he got stuck into early. A couple of returnees, Slowcum did a shoe drink and a couple of charges. Not sure what Two Scoops was charged with but someone needs to tell her not talk too much when the Circle is full of people from all sectors of the justice system!!!! or they’ll charge her. I have no idea why Crackdiver was sitting in the circle again, he does that a lot and I have even less idea about what was going on in the photo. There were 3 namings with Saddle Sores, Castrator and Coming On and Off all inducted into Broome history. With our big itinerant population we probably name more people than any other Hash. Poor bastards. Food was shit as expected. So shit that if you didn’t get in quick some people were onto seconds before other talking people even got to the table. Hmmm. Anyway Red Dresses next Monday. On On.

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