Monday, February 4, 2013

Trash # 317

Four hares and they still set a shit run. I guess it’s okay on Australia Day to say four sheilas, Barge, Octopussy, Paralytic Turtle and Stationary Crab and I’m not sure who did what but lets share the blame. The start was easy enough to find as there were about 40 of us with cars and flags and dogs and the rest of Cable Beach was pretty empty as you would expect on a public holiday at seven in the morning. The first part back into the dunes went well but then the constantly underestimated speed and agility of Broome’s fastest hashers showed itself again with them finding the right trail quickly and everybody else being able to short cut and catch up. The same thing happened again at the back of the racecourse where Hashers spilled onto the track in two different spots and then joined in the middle and on homed. The slower ones having to do all the checks again ended up coming in hot and sweaty, half an hour after  the first lot who’d taken beers into the ocean and where making the most of their idyllic location. Cock was back after yet another op and managed to be RA. He toasted/roasted the hares and then bollocked the virgins and put them on ice for poor dancing.  Crackdiver wandered into the circle with a coffee and obviously no watch  and Tightarse and Hippy Shagger got charged for something and got to sit on virgin warmed ice. The virgins finally did it right with some help from Semi or another non virgin. There was a big group photo and the lots of great breakie with bacon, eggs , beans, snags and other stuff. One of the virgins provided some on shore entertainement by giving massages, while Tightarse took on the water sports with his surfski or whatever you call those long floaty things that fall over when you try to ride them. Faucet and Dirty had provided the pre race entertainment showing their erection skills. All in all a big day and probably even worth getting out of bed early for.

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