Saturday, January 26, 2013

Trash # 316

So Cracka and Cockup were the hares this week. You’d think age and beauty would help set a good run but no, it was shit. Due to a week a beautiful wet and overcast weather it had to be a bit of a last minute effort, set with flour around old Broome. The pack stuck together well and it was a pretty fast run which suited all the potential marathoners and tough mudderers I guess. TA was the RA and managed to keep the modest pack of 26 in some sort of control. The hares went first as normal and then the returnees drank their down down off the ground with their cups in their teeth which seems to be the new normal. No name Lisa had some lame excuse and Tightarse seemed supportive of Conti’s excuse of not being around because he was boxing. There were a few dodgy charges with Faucet being incorrectly charged for not charging the camera when it turned out the camera was fine and Quickie just didn’t know how to use it. So we’re missing a few photos! There were 2 virgins who took a while to get the dance right and a couple of shoe drinkers again. There was also a naming with Two Scoops finally getting christened after a flashing incident at a recent event that shocked and aroused a few hashers. As usual the food was shit. Beers and curries and overcast weather. Okay then. It was nice.

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