Friday, January 18, 2013

Trash 315

Quickie and Crackdiver. Not the sort of people you want hanging around the local primary school but hey, that’s what happened. And not just a run through the school but grafitti and playtime on the toys. It looked like a few were primed up with whatever that stuff was in the container at the Hash Halt and keen to show their skills. It was still a shit run even with the added stuff. Some people got back to the finish and continued to frolic. How childish. The circle was run by Tightarse who may be frugal with most things but not when it comes to talking. He was greatly improved from his first effort where he’d just come from doing drugs and several hours in the dentist chair. We had Dirty Sanchez back from the bottom of Mt Everest. He was apparently a bit surprised Everest was a mountain and not a girl. He also turned up on a flash new bike which ended up with a flat tyre. He did bring back something from Bangkok hash which seemed popular. It was sort of going down on a down down. The returnees got to do that one. It was also a big night for shoe drinkers. Some one decided they didn’t want to drink a beer out of their new shoes and so used some elses shoe instead. It’s hash. No rules. And a Virgin and a birthday and numerous charges I can’t recall and hot food that tasted edible and to finish off the night there was desert of free DVDs and Books. All shit. On On

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