Monday, January 7, 2013

Trash # 313





Well that was a first for me. Starting hash at 6.00 pm and finishing the following year at 6.00 am. And I was not alone. There was a couple of others who saw the sunrise and a few who probably also saw it from home as they left early and were home safely in beds by midnight. The run of course was shit. Started off running which was really hard when you are a dead muso who, I’m guessing are not really renowned for their athletic abilities. Then continual stopping for shooters of who knows what from the tray of Turds ute. I was slightly dubious about the hygiene regime for the recycled shooter tubes and will probably hold that accountable for my illness the following day. Mmm. I have no idea what Broome traffic thought of all their heroes running the streets in various states of disdress and distress. Eventually made it on home to the Airport Sunset Bar and Pool. Maybe it was the hours spent in their dodgy pool water that made me sick. Mmmm.  Obviously the boys and girls had put in some effort to prepare such a shit night. Actually the pig on a stick had a pretty shit New Years Eve. Cock was the RA on the stage where the band was meant to be. Apparently they died or something. There were no prizes for costumes but quite a few put in a lot of effort and were even recognisable without having to ask. Others were way out there as the pictures show. I think most people ended up in the pool at some stage. Kama made a final appearance before he leaves for Perth. I am sure he appreciated dead musos singing him the fuck off song and he got to lie around on an icy virgin for a while. Looked like fun. I have no idea what the charges were for but there were plenty. There were a few virgins and it will be interesting to see if they come back next week. The food was shit of course. Maybe it was something I ate that made me sick. Mmmm. I bet it was that beetroot and watermelon salad. I should have stuck to the pig. The beer seemed to go on forever as did some people on the microphone. Karaoke is for the ears of the pissed only which didn’t really seem to be a problem on NYE. I think the last act was about 3.30. Broome Hash doesn’t seem to have any closet singers but then again we all know that from our Monday Circles. Shit, look at the time. Actually I think I said that on Jan 1 and again just now. What went on a Hash stays at Hash and the photos can speak for themselves. Shit job TA and Turd and whoever else you conned into helping you. Next Hash NYE run is in 2018. Just giving you some warning. You may need it.

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