Saturday, January 26, 2013

Run # 317 Monday Jan 28

Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!

NOTE THIS IS A MORNING RUN!!! (though if you turn up at 6pm we'll probably still be there, you just might be running by yourself!)

Hares: - Stationery Crab, Paraletic Turtle, Octopussy and Barge Arse
Venue: - Gantheaume Pt Beach. Close to entry
Parking: - TURF Club (Faucet) or on the beach
There will be a run and walk (I promise not just down the beach and back).
Shade courtesy of Faucet and Barge and anybody else who has a gazebo and want to bring it along
Brekky: - BBQ and Champagne n OJ (Carton's of Corona's just for TA)
Aussie dress up for the photoshoot
Bathers for the Irukandji ocean swim (plenty of medical people around for resus.)
Followed by disorganised beach, volleyball

On on on!!!

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