Monday, January 7, 2013

Run # 314 January 7th

Prepare for the best (and no doubt the shittest) run of 2013!! There will be chalk and Broome HHH singlets... If u've only done the last handful of runs in 2012 u may not even know what I'm talking about

Hares: Yamashita Suckerfish & Warwick Slangs Bitch
Address: 6 Boab Close (small street, please don't block any driveways. We're only new here and don't want angry neighbours - Brazilian Coathanger)
Time: 5:45 for a start whenever Faucet arrives
... Nosh: likely to be a vego option and carb loading
Bring: I'd say torches but may be a waste of breathe..

On on
Yama and WSB
(via Crackafat because Inseminator's email is buggered!)

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