Saturday, January 26, 2013

Run # 317 Monday Jan 28

Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!

NOTE THIS IS A MORNING RUN!!! (though if you turn up at 6pm we'll probably still be there, you just might be running by yourself!)

Hares: - Stationery Crab, Paraletic Turtle, Octopussy and Barge Arse
Venue: - Gantheaume Pt Beach. Close to entry
Parking: - TURF Club (Faucet) or on the beach
There will be a run and walk (I promise not just down the beach and back).
Shade courtesy of Faucet and Barge and anybody else who has a gazebo and want to bring it along
Brekky: - BBQ and Champagne n OJ (Carton's of Corona's just for TA)
Aussie dress up for the photoshoot
Bathers for the Irukandji ocean swim (plenty of medical people around for resus.)
Followed by disorganised beach, volleyball

On on on!!!

Trash # 316

So Cracka and Cockup were the hares this week. You’d think age and beauty would help set a good run but no, it was shit. Due to a week a beautiful wet and overcast weather it had to be a bit of a last minute effort, set with flour around old Broome. The pack stuck together well and it was a pretty fast run which suited all the potential marathoners and tough mudderers I guess. TA was the RA and managed to keep the modest pack of 26 in some sort of control. The hares went first as normal and then the returnees drank their down down off the ground with their cups in their teeth which seems to be the new normal. No name Lisa had some lame excuse and Tightarse seemed supportive of Conti’s excuse of not being around because he was boxing. There were a few dodgy charges with Faucet being incorrectly charged for not charging the camera when it turned out the camera was fine and Quickie just didn’t know how to use it. So we’re missing a few photos! There were 2 virgins who took a while to get the dance right and a couple of shoe drinkers again. There was also a naming with Two Scoops finally getting christened after a flashing incident at a recent event that shocked and aroused a few hashers. As usual the food was shit. Beers and curries and overcast weather. Okay then. It was nice.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Run # 316 Jan 21

Righto you mob of Hot Hazy Hashers,

Hares: Crackafat & Cockup (if he's in town?!)
Where: 8/43 Frederick St - enter from Walcott St, opposite Kimberley Klub Backpackers

Maybe bring torches, or don't. Whatever. Food yes.

On on
I :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Trash 315

Quickie and Crackdiver. Not the sort of people you want hanging around the local primary school but hey, that’s what happened. And not just a run through the school but grafitti and playtime on the toys. It looked like a few were primed up with whatever that stuff was in the container at the Hash Halt and keen to show their skills. It was still a shit run even with the added stuff. Some people got back to the finish and continued to frolic. How childish. The circle was run by Tightarse who may be frugal with most things but not when it comes to talking. He was greatly improved from his first effort where he’d just come from doing drugs and several hours in the dentist chair. We had Dirty Sanchez back from the bottom of Mt Everest. He was apparently a bit surprised Everest was a mountain and not a girl. He also turned up on a flash new bike which ended up with a flat tyre. He did bring back something from Bangkok hash which seemed popular. It was sort of going down on a down down. The returnees got to do that one. It was also a big night for shoe drinkers. Some one decided they didn’t want to drink a beer out of their new shoes and so used some elses shoe instead. It’s hash. No rules. And a Virgin and a birthday and numerous charges I can’t recall and hot food that tasted edible and to finish off the night there was desert of free DVDs and Books. All shit. On On

Monday, January 14, 2013

Run # 315 Jan 14th

hey there Hashers,

Run details for Monday 14th Jan...

Hares: Crack Diver & Quickie

Where: 13 Bowerbird Loop, Roey Estate.
When: usual - BRING TORCHES, definitely going off road....
Tucker: Meat & Pasta. Maybe a salad if Quickie wants to make it (!)

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Trash # 314

Fuck. Where did this week go? Luckily last weeks run was set by WSB and Yama and they’re not here so I don’t have to write much. They’re in Tassie running around the chocolate factory in some Willie Wonker type of reality. I see that Yama beat the Bitch across the line. I bet that hurt after 42k’s. The run in Broome was short and shit like this blog. On On

Monday, January 7, 2013

Run # 314 January 7th

Prepare for the best (and no doubt the shittest) run of 2013!! There will be chalk and Broome HHH singlets... If u've only done the last handful of runs in 2012 u may not even know what I'm talking about

Hares: Yamashita Suckerfish & Warwick Slangs Bitch
Address: 6 Boab Close (small street, please don't block any driveways. We're only new here and don't want angry neighbours - Brazilian Coathanger)
Time: 5:45 for a start whenever Faucet arrives
... Nosh: likely to be a vego option and carb loading
Bring: I'd say torches but may be a waste of breathe..

On on
Yama and WSB
(via Crackafat because Inseminator's email is buggered!)

Trash # 313





Well that was a first for me. Starting hash at 6.00 pm and finishing the following year at 6.00 am. And I was not alone. There was a couple of others who saw the sunrise and a few who probably also saw it from home as they left early and were home safely in beds by midnight. The run of course was shit. Started off running which was really hard when you are a dead muso who, I’m guessing are not really renowned for their athletic abilities. Then continual stopping for shooters of who knows what from the tray of Turds ute. I was slightly dubious about the hygiene regime for the recycled shooter tubes and will probably hold that accountable for my illness the following day. Mmm. I have no idea what Broome traffic thought of all their heroes running the streets in various states of disdress and distress. Eventually made it on home to the Airport Sunset Bar and Pool. Maybe it was the hours spent in their dodgy pool water that made me sick. Mmmm.  Obviously the boys and girls had put in some effort to prepare such a shit night. Actually the pig on a stick had a pretty shit New Years Eve. Cock was the RA on the stage where the band was meant to be. Apparently they died or something. There were no prizes for costumes but quite a few put in a lot of effort and were even recognisable without having to ask. Others were way out there as the pictures show. I think most people ended up in the pool at some stage. Kama made a final appearance before he leaves for Perth. I am sure he appreciated dead musos singing him the fuck off song and he got to lie around on an icy virgin for a while. Looked like fun. I have no idea what the charges were for but there were plenty. There were a few virgins and it will be interesting to see if they come back next week. The food was shit of course. Maybe it was something I ate that made me sick. Mmmm. I bet it was that beetroot and watermelon salad. I should have stuck to the pig. The beer seemed to go on forever as did some people on the microphone. Karaoke is for the ears of the pissed only which didn’t really seem to be a problem on NYE. I think the last act was about 3.30. Broome Hash doesn’t seem to have any closet singers but then again we all know that from our Monday Circles. Shit, look at the time. Actually I think I said that on Jan 1 and again just now. What went on a Hash stays at Hash and the photos can speak for themselves. Shit job TA and Turd and whoever else you conned into helping you. Next Hash NYE run is in 2018. Just giving you some warning. You may need it.