Monday, December 17, 2012

Trash # 310

So, fast furious, don’t have any spare time blog. Inseminator and Doggie set run. Doggie first, Semi second time due to rain and Doggie running away. Run set twice but still shit. Short and fast. Too fast for Semi who got to the Hash Halt after the runners had left. BooBoo smiled. Cockup back and blew horn. Walkers had to be called by phone to come on home. Semi got down down and Doggie got away with beer in his motel room in Perth. Broke in new RA, Cameltoe. Could get scary. Three virgins including Mr Cameltoe and new story about rock and street candelabra. Should consider getting a pole for Virgins to dance around. Mmm. Spellcheck fragment feature displaying multiple warnings. Told Perky and Butterbitch to fuck off. They’re getting old and have been hanging around too long now. Person with camera overdid photos of Cheery Popper. She inturn, over zealous with enforcing tool. Meat tough but came with warning, vego option genuine and copious. The end.

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Anonymous said...

Doggie reports no beer in motel room. Had to search local bars. Will bring tax receipts. On on!