Sunday, December 9, 2012

Trash # 309

So the AGPU was held at Faucets place after an awesome run with a great double fish hook "on back" half way to Cable Beach. Awesome. I’m tired and drank and ate too much this weekend, not that anyone cares and so the blog is short. The new or renewed positions decided were GM, Slangs Bitch, Ass GM BackPage (CIAF), New RA’s Cameltoe, Tightarse, CIAF old existing RA. Hash Horn Cockup (Half-Arsed), Hash Octopussy (Quickie), Hash Sec Inseminator (Barge), Hash Haberdashery Jiggly Titts (CIAF), Choir Master Dirty Sanchez, Beer Bitch, Superturd, Backpage (CIAF), Trailmaster Doggie and Hash Trash/Flash Faucet. (Brackets mean backup person) If this is wrong then ….I don’t know. It’s been bloody hot this week. No Pics, just one of the chosen suckers. On On and maybe rain soon.

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