Monday, December 24, 2012

Run # 312 December 24th

'twas the night before Christmas and the quiet Broome night was broken by the delightful sounds of Broome H3 shouting ON ON!!!

As its the eve of Christmas feel free to get in the festive spirit.

Hares: CIAF & ??Faucet?
Location: the park in Mauritania way, Sunset Park.
Feed: yes something festive and even Vegos can celebrate. (ed note - 'Vegos' sounds like an exotic Greek island?)
All the other shit as usual :)
On on

(and additional editor's note - Happy Christmas to all you wonderful hashers who make the start of my week so much fun!! Have a great festive break wherever you are, and all the very best for a cracking great 2013!! And to those of you working- thanks heaps for keeping the country running for the rest of us!!)

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