Sunday, December 30, 2012

Trash # 312

Merry Xmas Broome Hash 2012

Most hashers joke about their drinking club with a running problem but I think a few people at Broome hash also have a dress up problem. The Xmas eve run showed just how silly they look, standing out in the crowd dressed differently to everybody else. It’s happening more often these days and you’d think people would start to pick up on it. Now obviously Tightarse, Superturd, Hippyshagger and Cockinafrock should be role models for all you people who have dress up problems and come in standard hash attire. Nothing weird about those boys. Okay so the strange elf was a bit scary and Jesus was flashing a bit too much (but not much by normal CIAF standards) but the other couple with the kid they were fine. I mean, we just blended in as we ran around town perusing the xmas lights. The fact it was daylight for most of the run didn’t damper anyones spirits and gave passer bys a better look at their fellow citizens. There were several horn blasts of approval from passing motorists who secretly longed to be dressed up and running instead of sitting in the comfort of their air-conditioned cars or possibly just wanted us to get off the road. As dusk set in and the sangrian halt finished the pretty lights started to shine and the pretty costumes started to wilt, the mob dispersed to follow the last of their sweat soaked clues back to the circle in Sunset via the last remaining Xmas lights, unless like Backpage, you’d driven to the halt. The circle seemed small with only 20 runners but huge in comparison to previous Xmas runs. Faucet was default RA due to Cock being the hare for the night. We had a few returnees with Crackdiver, Booberator, Conchie and to a lesser extent, Cracka all back from wherever it was they have been. Slops ,Yama and Cock got charged for something and virgins were as common as…virgins. Hey what is that fire thing on Boobs foot while Jesus was in the circle??? Anyway the circle was short, sweet and doggie. Actually where is doggie he must be due back soon? The food for some reason was across the street via Cracka? Cock had organised Xmas fare with lots of ham and a few cold roast vegies and salad stuff and bread rolls and Faucets daughters’ rum balls. All that was missing was the snow but we all knew that wasn’t going to happen. On On.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Run # 313 December 31st

What do Michael Jackson, Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Freddie Mercury, Amy Winehouse, Tupac, Elvis and Justin Bieber all have in common? Any of them could make an appearance at the.................

The New Years Dead Muso Hash

Hares: Tightarse and SuperTurd
Where: The Sunset Airport Resort and Bar
20 Napier Terrace, Broome
(opposite Magabala Books)

Theme: Dead Musos - No muso would be in bad taste.
There will be prizes for the best dressed!!
Time: 6pm till sometime next year.
Food: Pig on a spit plus other shit, including veg options.

Entertainment: Besides the antics of Joamma, Tightarse and SuperTurd (which should be more than enough) there will be a fair bit of live music throughout the night and early morning.

Drinks: Drinks will be included until the Hash eskies are empty or the GM calls last drinks. BYO drinks after that.

Cost: Only $25. Includes shit run, great nosh, entertainment, drinks during and post run. Batteries are not included.

The Fine Print: This will be the place to see in New Years as Zee Bar, The Roey and Divers will all be shit.
If you need to be at some other shit place post Hash, there are several showers available to wash off the sweat and down downs.
There is plenty of off street parking, cars left instead of drink driving will be welcomed.
There is room for swags and tents on site.
The pool will be open although we are unsure what color it will be on the night.
The run will have easy options, so what better night to introduce a friend or two to Hash?
There will be recovery run and breakfast details to be announced (at least 1/2 an hour before it starts).
The chickens on site are in loving relationships and as such will not be available as special friends for the night


Run # 312 December 24th

'twas the night before Christmas and the quiet Broome night was broken by the delightful sounds of Broome H3 shouting ON ON!!!

As its the eve of Christmas feel free to get in the festive spirit.

Hares: CIAF & ??Faucet?
Location: the park in Mauritania way, Sunset Park.
Feed: yes something festive and even Vegos can celebrate. (ed note - 'Vegos' sounds like an exotic Greek island?)
All the other shit as usual :)
On on

(and additional editor's note - Happy Christmas to all you wonderful hashers who make the start of my week so much fun!! Have a great festive break wherever you are, and all the very best for a cracking great 2013!! And to those of you working- thanks heaps for keeping the country running for the rest of us!!)

Trash # 311

So, sure, its last minute but that’s when I do most of my work. Last weeks run is a bit hard to remember as it seems so long ago but it would be easy to track down as the fuckwits did it with line marking paint! Superturd and Hippyshagger obviously didn’t know the chalk thing or maybe they just thought they could set it with paint and use it again next year. It was about 8 k’s with a hash halt at the Japanese cemetery. Most people made it back knackered but safe and ended up in the Hash gene pool which seemed quite small and shallow. We tried a new RA, Tightarse who seemed okay considering he was operating under mass doses of painkillers, beer and exercise. There was one virgin who did a swim dance thing in the pool, a few returnees and an attempted naming which failed. That weird baby thing is still around and now has a facebook page. The food tasted nicer than it looked in the photo and the beers were copious and cold. All shit really. Gotta go and get ready for hash now. On On.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Trash # 310

So, fast furious, don’t have any spare time blog. Inseminator and Doggie set run. Doggie first, Semi second time due to rain and Doggie running away. Run set twice but still shit. Short and fast. Too fast for Semi who got to the Hash Halt after the runners had left. BooBoo smiled. Cockup back and blew horn. Walkers had to be called by phone to come on home. Semi got down down and Doggie got away with beer in his motel room in Perth. Broke in new RA, Cameltoe. Could get scary. Three virgins including Mr Cameltoe and new story about rock and street candelabra. Should consider getting a pole for Virgins to dance around. Mmm. Spellcheck fragment feature displaying multiple warnings. Told Perky and Butterbitch to fuck off. They’re getting old and have been hanging around too long now. Person with camera overdid photos of Cheery Popper. She inturn, over zealous with enforcing tool. Meat tough but came with warning, vego option genuine and copious. The end.

Run #311 December 17th

well there you go, it's the quick or the... slow in this hash-town!!
already we have two superkeen superhares putting their paws up for next week - thanks fellas

Hares: Superturd & HippieShagger
Location: 13 Woods Drive
Theme: uh no.
Bring a torch or be prepared to get lost!! (ie take notice those that usually don't take notice!!)
Food: Hippie Shagger, so could be interesting...
Usual time & shit.

On on

Monday, December 10, 2012

Run # 310 December 10th

Righto Hashers,

Greatest apologies for the lack of recent inseminations, I seem to be unable to send group emails to 200 people from the wilds of north Queensland on an Iphone, however I hope the Broome grapevine did its job & not too many of you missed out on runs!! & thanks as always to Bargey for filling in gaps where she could even with an old list!!

Anyway as penance for my inadequacies I shall Hare it up next week, with the unprecedented experience of our so-called "trailblazer" Doggy Style, so details are:

Hares: Inseminator & Doggy Style (he'll be away so remember to save him a downdown for the shit run!)

Where: 4a MacNee Crt (please don't park on 4B's side of the driveway)
What: Themeless - I'm over fancy dress parties for now!
When: usual usual

Food: yes and veg option too :)

On on

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Trash # 309

So the AGPU was held at Faucets place after an awesome run with a great double fish hook "on back" half way to Cable Beach. Awesome. I’m tired and drank and ate too much this weekend, not that anyone cares and so the blog is short. The new or renewed positions decided were GM, Slangs Bitch, Ass GM BackPage (CIAF), New RA’s Cameltoe, Tightarse, CIAF old existing RA. Hash Horn Cockup (Half-Arsed), Hash Octopussy (Quickie), Hash Sec Inseminator (Barge), Hash Haberdashery Jiggly Titts (CIAF), Choir Master Dirty Sanchez, Beer Bitch, Superturd, Backpage (CIAF), Trailmaster Doggie and Hash Trash/Flash Faucet. (Brackets mean backup person) If this is wrong then ….I don’t know. It’s been bloody hot this week. No Pics, just one of the chosen suckers. On On and maybe rain soon.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Run # 309

Run # 309

Hare: Faucet
Venue: 10 Stewart St
Attire: You will end up in the pool
Food: Carnivores and Vegetarians catered for
Inanity: Bring a torch
Rumour: Free Beer
Extra: This is the 2012 Annual General Piss Up (AGPU) or AGM if we were like other groups. We don't have a committee or rules but actively encourage evolution in Broome Hash so you may contribute or be volunteered into a role on the evening. If you can't attend and desperately want to do something to help then let someone know who is going or email me.
on on

Trash # 308

Quickie and Ciao sounds more like an Italian affair than a couple of Hash hares. Obviously a shit run, even God thought it was shit so he washed it away

Road and beer. An artist statement or just hash staple 

Think it was doggie who took the photos. Made it look like it was a cold miserable wet night

Say cheese or just look like a fuckwit

Virgins rockin’
Fanta Pants talks?