Friday, November 23, 2012

Trash # 307

So perhaps this week’s blog should be short and sweet shit like the run. We ran around Cable Beach, Januburu and Minyirr Park without getting too lost. The herpes mark was a little weird but I guess that’s what happens when you let Herpes and Cameltoe set the run. Only got caught on one longish on back but that was in the sand. The walkers were a tad slow and got back about a beer later than the runners.Cock was RA and had to drag Cameltoe from the kitchen to get a hare down down. The photo of the hare girls looks a bit evil but then maybe they are? We seemed to have a few multiple offenders in the circle with Fanta Pants in for being away and then again for getting married, suddenly, while she was away. Fancy not inviting Hash to your wedding! Stationary Crab was back from New Zealand where we also didn’t get an invite to and Guzzle Guts was back from who knows where. He was also dragged in for having a significant birthday and Octopussy got to share the birthday song on his knee. There were a few media charges, Rice bubbles was in there for something as were Quickie and Uranus. We had a naming. Someone put it in the comments sections please. Jiggly Titts got away without a charge for blatant political advertising and Faucets mo is getting worse. Quickie was a bit crabby and the food was bountiful and edible. Can’t ask for more really. Just a shit run.

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