Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trash #304

Come onnn, what the fuck was that all about Bestiality and Jiggly Tits? Virgin hares usually just set shit runs not entry tests for the French Foreign Legion. 8 k’s of slopey soft sand with no options for short cutting as we ran through Broome South Estate with Cracker lagging at the back taking notes.  If one of us had died on the trail it would have been a really weird job for the cops to sort out if it was natural causes or one of the weirdo dressed up hashers who did the deed. Dress ups bring out the scary people. Not that I would personally mention Doggie, Cockpit, Booboo or Stork. I mean there would have been reliable people as witnesses like the pumpkin twins and several witchy hatted people.  I must admit the props along the trail were good, lots of webs and spiders and the full moon looked remarkably real. Did I mention it was a Halloween run? People made it back in varying states of exhaustion and quickly filled the pool and strew themselves across the lawn except the walkers who seemed less wet and slimier than the rest of us. The ever entertaining Butterbitch got everyone up for the circle. If everyone made it back, there was about 40 people. The hares got off lightly as my suggestion of stakes and rope seemed to be passed by. Bestiality did a great job with the pipe and the newly christened Jiggly Tits seemed to take a liking to the shit run toilet seat and wore it all night and so she should have. There were a few returnees like Braziallan Coathanger, Doggie Style and the girl who fell over whose name I can’t remember. Sorry girl who fell over. We had 4 virgins who were compelled to entertain us after Butterbitchs extensive story about the rock and candelabra. Slasher had a birthday and Inseminator was in the media or her dog was. Same thing. The people who dressed up got to go in the circle and do weird jelly shots with eyeball things in them. Didn’t have my glasses, There were 3 namings with Jiggly Titts, Discharge and Pussy (the dodgy substance not the other thing) getting christened by BB. That was it really. The food was shit, Lasagne, garlic bread and rabbit food but in abundance. Was going to write that it was a trick and treat run. The run was the trick and the food a treat but that sounded as lame as it was. On on.

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