Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Trash #299

It took Tightarse to work out how to wrap up shit in pretty (red and white) paper and make it look good. Just needed that splash of colour to draw a crowd. From memory he was the only one in red and white but then again there wasn’t much opposition from the gold and tan, cept for a couple of Tassie hashers who paid us a visit. In a hash first we had to follow little red swan flags, sprayed onto the footpaths. The on backs were hawk coloured but I never got to see any of those except the demo model and the checks were Tightarse circles. Just put your little check inside someone elses old check and you suddenly have new check. You have to know about hash to make any sense of that last sentence. Following the flags was pretty simple except for Quickie and most of us made it to the High School oval where we had a hash halt and a goal kicking ego thing under lights. Lots of testosterone being tossed around. Even Cameltoe was trying to kick a goal. Bit of a slog home with a beer on board and managed to run over the creative swan “On Home” along the way. The circle was actually a circle for a change and surrounded by red and white circle things left over from another event. Tightarse copped shit about his run, the GM hurt his foot on a boab nut and got a down down for that. He also shared a down down with Superturd for something that shouldn’t be talked about outside of hash. The picture probably says enough. Faucet was RA as the other ones are away or broken. There were no virgins for the first time in ages, although one did land in the back yard a little later, a few returnees, a no name birthday and a lame joke. Yep, that about covers it. The food was typical aussie rules tucker with fucking hot pies, exploded savs in white bread rolls, sauce and some extra salty chicken treat chips. Almost time to go and watch the GF and see if the red and whites do get up. ON ON

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Anonymous said...

Gee those exploded red sticks in a pool of water look delicious...!?