Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Trash 298

Westpac and Anal Tool. Now they’ve set a few runs. All shit of course so it was just another one of them. I must say though, it was a Roey estate run and we did stay in Roey estate and ran down almost every street without going through the primary school. Remember the days when we used to run through Roebuck Primary every week. It’s lucky they didn’t lock us up. Cock in a Frock delivered the new hash shirts, although not personally because he is a slack bastard and had same lame excuse. That’s actually funny. Lame. No it’s not really. Cock we do feel sorry for you and hope your leg get better soon. The new shirts were great with lots of purchases and we all looked such a nice, large, well dressed bunch of dickheads running around shouting on on. Speaking of pretty, I found this beautifully decorated pothole rather characteristically unroebuckian I thought. Hash sometimes delivers such treasures. It’s early morning and I’m not drinking, just off with the fairies. Nothing fairyish about the  circle as it was held just outside the blokey shed alongside the fish cleaning table and ran by AT. Not sure why he set the run and was the RA. Can’t remember which girl took the photos this week but they actually did a good job. Everyone just blames the camera for the shit shots but hey these are good. Look at the clarity of the photo of our fuckwit GM for instance. And those pretty girls drinking out of their shoes and everyone else down downing so nicely, except Stork who is trying to balance a stubbie on his thumbs? And the last little dribbles of the can as that un-named girl is named and exposes my worsening Alzheimers. And Slops entertaining everyone with her down syndrome impersonation. And the person holding the cut-out Crackdiver face over his own face. Such nice memories of a lovely evening. And there was food. More hamburgers than McDonalds sells in a week with those little German extras like beetroot and pineapple. Enough On On

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