Sunday, August 5, 2012

Trash 291

So Cockina Frock did a live run, at short notice at the house of Dirty Sanchez, No-name Ally and the kid. Must have been okay as over 30 people turned up. Cock almost gained infamy for his check outside Divers as it rated a mention during a penis drawing joke at the Comedy night on Thursday (which was well represented by hashers). But it may also have been an old Sanchez check from a past run Hmmm now you’re excited. So yes, where was I, shit run, long run, fucking long run around Sunset Park and the beach and the old camel track. It was a momentous run for one young girl. Bogger, who ran for the last time, well, last time for a while with Broome Hash anyway. She didn’t quite get the 69 she was hoping for but at least made it to 67 before she heads off to Sydney and a new job and new life. She brought that fucking rubber chicken thing with her. I’m sure some of you will remember it well. She scored it at a Hash Xmas thingy or was that a St. John Xmas thingy, not sure as there is a bit of crossover stuff there. Anyway you can see by the photo that it’s some dildo shaped rubber toy. What you can’t see is the noise it makes when you squeeze it. I’m guessing it sounds a bit like the noise Warrick Slangs Bitch makes when he has sex. Either way it’s not a noise I like at all. Speaking of chickens, Inseminator turned up with a few of them to eat for dinner. I’m not one to question but sometimes my mind wanders and so I ate the other stuff on offer like the potato thing, salad and the breadrolls. We did have a few virgins who used Bogger as a Maypole. Maybe some of her good spirits may rub off onto them. She takes it well. Doggy squirted her several times and she just took it with a scream and a smile on her face. It was bloody cold. I think I would have cried. Best idea is to leave in the wet season. There was a few returnees. Faucet was the default RA. I’m off to Divers or if you are reading this on your iphone I am already there. Tomorrow the Dark Olympics. Be there. ON ON

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