Friday, July 13, 2012

Dragonboat Advice #1

Hi Guys
I was hoping to get a separate dragon boat email going but that's not going to happen so its a bulk one now via Inseminator, although you can email me back with any issues instead of hassling her.
I have all the names on the list of the people who emailed me their willingness to participate a few weeks ago as well as all of you who put your names down on the list over last couple of run nights. With one cancellation we now have 22 people which is great.
The training session for those who have no idea or need a recap is on at town beach tomorrow, Saturday at 8.30. I'll be a bit late (how unusual) but I'm sure they'll start without me anyway.
The race is on the 21st and you need to be there by 9.00am. For the newbies, we normally all try and wear the orange flash hash shirts, so buy, borrow or steal one but if you can't it doesn't matter.
We try and set up a Marque for a bit of shade. Would be good if someone can bring along the Hash Banners.You can bring some food and drink for yourselves but they do sell stuff there, BBQish and they have a bar so BYO grog is not allowed.
Remember to bring along your $10 next Monday night or on the race day and see me on Monday night or email me if you have any questions in the meantime
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