Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dragon Boat Info # 4

Dragon Boats will now be racing on the 1st of September
Info will be here on the website and at hash on Monday nights

Run #291 July 30th

Hi all,

thank you so very much to two SuperHares who've put their hands up to host Hash again after this Ex-Hare got taken over by peskily unpredictable work...
So you'll all know where to go on Monday because they hosted only a couple of weeks ago...

Hares: Dirty Sanchez, NoName Haley & CockinaFrock
Where: 7 Sayonara Rd, Sunset ?Park, and a LIVE run so need quick runners to catch the Hare!!

Nosh - of course
Bring torches, you never know where we'll end up!

On on
& Thanks Again SuperHares!!

Inseminator :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trash 290

Hash Xmas in July. Slops and Two Dogs went all out for Mondays run, all that was missing was the snow but it was almost cold enough for that as the chilly wind howled off Roebuck Bay on to the eclectic bunch of Santa’s debris huddled up at Town Beach.  Dirty Sanchez came in a box, Fanta Pants had a bag on her head, Bogger and Slops had some sort of bondage tinsel thing going on and Barge was snuggled up in Xmas woollens like one of Santa’s helpers. Other people made an effort too but I’m bored with that now and want to talk about the run. It was shit. If it isn’t bad enough having to run around looking like a dickhead then running into establishments asking for ‘something’ really tops it off. Quickie seemed to have lots of unspent energy to race ahead and collect lots of tickets and won a box of chocies for her effort and in some sort of dodgy nepotistic way young Sanchez also got some as well. Super Turd and Dirty Sanchez also scored a box of chocolates for their dress up skills. The run sort of followed the busy places on the way to Chinatown and then ended up with people wandering around aimlessly in Anne Street looking for a way to get back to the beer. Irony. Butterbitch was in fine form as usual as he dragged people in and out of the circle and it wasn’t really a night or venue where you wanted to get enforced or wear a beer. Some people did. We had three virgins who were miserable dancers and one couldn’t even pick up her drink properly and had to do it a second time. I worry about the youth of today. Speaking of which, we had a naming with Bubbles young son Rice finally getting officially recognised.  And someone else got named too. A guy with a santa hat. I think I’m losing it. There was other stuff too but I’m hungry now and want to finish and have breakfast. The food was shit or maybe because it was so cold I was expecting a big roast with all the trimmings and ended up getting the Italian version of Xmas dinner from Eagle Boys. I just reread what I wrote and it seems to have a negative theme through it. Next time give me a box of chocolates and I’ll write more positively. On On.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Run #290 July 23rd

How many will you find?

Come dressed in your Xmas attire :)

Deck the halls with boughs of holly
It's a Xmas in July run...
Tis the season to be jolly
Expect a shit run and maybe some food

Hares: Slops & 2 Dogs

Where: Town beach near the cafe

When: Same Same

Bring a torch, vego options

On on

Slops & 2 Dogs

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dragon Boat Info #3

Hi Guys
Too rough for boats but possibly still okay for drinking????
We'll sort it all out on Monday night

Dear Rotarians and Dragon Boat Teams
I regret to advise that the Dragon Boat Regatta scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed because of unfavourable weather conditions.
The strong easterly winds now blowing are predicted to continue and probably worsen over the weekend. The decision to postpone was taken after checking conditions at Town Beach this morning and consulting with the Weather Bureau, Sea Rescue and the Broome Hovercraft Base.
Based on tidal conditions, the next favourable opportunity to conduct the regatta is the weekend of 1st and 2nd September. This brings the regatta into potential conflict with Shinju Matsuri activities, so we will discuss this with Shinju organisers over the weekend and confirm a new date for the event as soon as possible.
Teams unable to compete in the event because of the changed date will be offered a refund of their entry fees. We apologise for the inconvenience but unfortunately, when the Weather Gods frown, our hands are tied.
Graeme Atherton
Rotary Club of Broome
Ph 9192 5759
Mobile 0427 993 456
Join Rotary. Good For You. Good For Your Community.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dragon Boat Info #2

Hi Guys
Got this info from the organisers yesterday and will keep you posted on our website
For now just assume we need to be there at 9.00 am as planned

Dear Dragon Boat Teams
Many of you probably have an anxious eye on the weather forecasts, with predictions of strong winds for Saturday. At this stage we are proceeding on the basis that the event will go ahead as planned. We are in close contact with the weather bureau and will make a firm decision on Friday afternoon, based on the latest weather information available at that time. If conditions are certain to be unsafe for dragon boating we will postpone the event. That decision will be announced via local radio and posted on our website on Friday afternoon. Please see the attached News Release and listen for advice. You should advise your members to check our website on and go to the Dragon Boats page (or follow the below link) where we will keep you posted on developments. We’re still hoping to see you all on Saturday.
Graeme Atherton
Broome Rotary

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Run #289 Jul16 - The Trash

Due to relentless requests and pestering by more than one person, the blog is back! Much to the excitement (and disappointment?) of Hashers everywhere (but mainly here in Broome). This has become possible by the involvement of a new mystery sub editor/writer/mentor/inspirationing/pushy person helping out.

Run 289: Hares - Bubbles and Warwick Slang’s Bitch.
American boat people
It was more like Hash the Musical as the two American boat people (Thar She Blows and Mu-Sick) serenaded Broome HHH with lots of new (and interesting) Hash songs from abroad. It was a bit of a marathon effort but considering Bubbles used chalk and flour this time instead of motor bike tracks, then I guess we can’t complain too much (which may be a little odd for some Hashers). Apparently he was also entertainment for the new airport control tower workers earlier in the week as he set the trail around there on his big yellow scooter. It was about an 8 km figure 8 of Roey estate including a childish lap of the kiddies flower bed in the primary school. Muscle Puller tried his hand at the bugle this week, but led many astray with his overzealous approach to blowing his horn at the first sign of an On On. Ever heard of a false trail? Bubbles does deserve some credit for recycling arrows, but in a sort of dyslexic way; one arrow forward, then 2 arrows back?! We don’t have much rain for the majority of the year, but what about a bit of water to erase the old marks? We already have one Tightarse! And by the way Bubbles, what’s this born again virgin shit in the book. If you can’t count your runs then we may need someone better with numbers to help you work it out; ATM/Westpac? (WSB mentioned something about early onset Alzheimer’s). The On Home was a new experience, with the unlucky pack leaders running well out of the way only to find they had to turn on-end and head On Home in the direction they had just come. That will teach them.
Quickie and Anal Tool = 100 (shit) runs
Since WSB’s inception as GM we’ve started getting big numbers turning up to the runs which doesn’t say much for Wombat and Faucet. He assures me it has nothing to do with the change of season or weather either. There were 34 of us who made it back safely, but of those there were two special runners. Congratulations to Quickie and Anal Tool who both finally made it to 100 runs. The foreign spies sang a song about that too – although their accents were thick, so we all stuck to the chorus (“down down down down”). AT and Westpac announced (or let slip?) the news of ATM’s future sibling. This led to many questions and comments directed at AT regarding conception. We’ll leave that one there. We only had one virgin but he seemed a keen dancer. It looked like he was just warming up for a big display (channelling some Beyonce moves?) before Quickie got a little excited and knocked over his down down. There were all the obligatory charges, including Cock in a Frock having a down dwon for a media appearance (finding himself on the internet and informing the masses) and Stationary Crab finally got charged for wearing her pants tucked into her socks. We thought we had better put a stop to it before she starts wearing her underwear on the outside as well. Barge had some hair issue and was scared of the enforcer’s who were wielding a pressure hose as their weapon of choice (“Don’t worry, I’m a doctor” informed Meds).

"Don't worry, I'm a doctor" - Meds
On On

Dragon Boats - This Sat 21/7/12 – Uniform = Hash singlet. Watch this space for Faucet’s updates (well not this space, but the blog).
Run 290 - Slops and Two Dogs – Xmas in July theme – Details to follow

And begin your preparations for the Broome HHH Olympics. Coming soon to an oval near you…

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Run # 289 July 16th

Okay you Harey mob - big long email here so please put your concentrating hat on & read the whole thing!!
Run details...

Hares: Bubbles & Warwick Slang's Bitch
Where: 9 Goshawk Loop
When: same same

Expect: a shit run (Bubbles...), accompanied by fantastic food??? (WSB and sous chef...)

Bring: torch (and a sense of direction?)

On on,
WSB & Bubbles
I'm following Broome H3 and think you'll be interested in it as well. To check it out, follow the link below:
And just so everyone has some notice to find a sphunky outfit :)


Xmas in July run

How many presents will you find?

Dress up code is XMAS theme.

Kind regards


Friday, July 13, 2012

Dragonboat Advice #1

Hi Guys
I was hoping to get a separate dragon boat email going but that's not going to happen so its a bulk one now via Inseminator, although you can email me back with any issues instead of hassling her.
I have all the names on the list of the people who emailed me their willingness to participate a few weeks ago as well as all of you who put your names down on the list over last couple of run nights. With one cancellation we now have 22 people which is great.
The training session for those who have no idea or need a recap is on at town beach tomorrow, Saturday at 8.30. I'll be a bit late (how unusual) but I'm sure they'll start without me anyway.
The race is on the 21st and you need to be there by 9.00am. For the newbies, we normally all try and wear the orange flash hash shirts, so buy, borrow or steal one but if you can't it doesn't matter.
We try and set up a Marque for a bit of shade. Would be good if someone can bring along the Hash Banners.You can bring some food and drink for yourselves but they do sell stuff there, BBQish and they have a bar so BYO grog is not allowed.
Remember to bring along your $10 next Monday night or on the race day and see me on Monday night or email me if you have any questions in the meantime
On On

Monday, July 9, 2012

Run #288 July 9th

Hare: Dirty Sanchez
Where: 7 Sayonara Rd
When: The Usual (ie 5:45pm for 6 for those who've forgotten!!)

Dirty hasn't given me much info to work with but I'm guessing there'll be food & unless he's planning to guide us around you'd better bring torches??!!

On on!!