Thursday, September 15, 2011

Run#245The Trash

Sixty two people, that would be a record I reckon. That included the 2 six packs of Derby runners bussed over to share the Shinju or was it just the free Matsos Beer that lured them? Cock in a Frock was the hare and did a shit job of it. Poor Quickie is obviously the only one who reads the website or emails with the location and turned up at Matsos. On reflection and inspection I noticed that the actual location of the run wasn’t written anywhere. How did people know where to go? The marks on the trail were good and kept the pack together. Somewhere along the run Faucet slipped home for a quick change and appeared in a Derby shirt which worked out well when Derby Dags suggested we pop into the Roey for a mid run drink. Celine was the only other Broomie who was lured to the bar while the others ran around Chinatown. The Circle was huge. AT quickly slipped into the green dress and took control of proceedings. We had about 10 virgins who either thought it was great and will be back or are probably still shaking their heads at what went on and have written a mental note never to go to Derby. The Derby hashers don’t need much of an opening to drop their pants and sit on the ice chair. Can’t even remember why they did it. We had a few returnees and even Director rocked up for a visit. Wombat had us reciting the Hash Prayer, Dags had us doing the Rootchacha Rootchacha song and then Cockup ran us through Swing Low. Great audience participation. We also had a couple of birthdays which was rare as no one usually has a birthday in Broome Hash. As all this was going on Westpac was toiling away over a hot sausage and fed the masses. The keg of Matsos finest only lasted an hour despite discussions amongst the closet brewers on volumes and consumption rates. Thanks Matsos and Slow Lane for once again keeping all us healthy runners hydrated and a bit later the gardens of Bedford Park watered and fertilized. Red turned up late in fancy dress with some lame excuse. The Derby Bus headed off into the night, thanks guys for making the effort and the last few Broome hashers seemed to be opening another stubbie as I took off. Should also mention AT’s great work on the trailer over the past week. Thanks to all those involved and great to see we raised $600 for Cock in a Frock to buy drugs to take to Vietnam with his nurse friends at Xmas. On On

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