Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Run#244The Trash

Five point five K’s my arse. I guess that’s what happens when you let a triathlete set the run. Butterbitch and Perky had us running all over Sunset and then ran us down to Roey for another workout. Square checks and arrows with crosses in them but at least there were lots and easy enough to find. The circle at Sirus and Kapang was in another new park for hash which even had a street light that worked. Butterbitch slipped quickly into the green dress and started RAing before we realised he was also the hare. He tried to begin the circle with a drinking game from the never never but as we were all sober no-one seemed to understand the rules. The photo says it all. We had a couple of new local virgins and a couple of foreign ones dragged along by Westpac and AT. They got into the virgin song and had no trouble downing a beer. Poor old Warricks Slangs Bitch ended up in the circle again but this time for his loss by 4 points in the local footy Grand Final. Guess he would have got one if they won as well. We had a couple of returnees, Red and Tried and a new visitor/new broome hasher called Gobblepork, I think. Might have to ask about that next week. We had Cock in a Frock drink out of his new shoe and he seemed to enjoy it. Pusher and Tackle had a down down for something, I think Pusher because she forgot to bring her kids and not sure about Tackle. The fathers all had one for fathers day and Bogger took a proxy one for Quickie who had her birthday on the doof doof boat and never showed up for the run. We had a naming with one of the more quiet girls finally getting christened after 10 runs. So double digits it is. Butterbitch took a delight in pouring a stubby all over her. The highlight of the evening was the expectant mother who despite her ever increasing belly pushed herself to make her 100th run before the birth. I had to include the photo of Red carefully filling the two down downs for her and the baby, both of which were worn by her chair and father to be AT. Well done Westpac. The first pregnant woman or man to make the Broome Hash 100. The night ended with food a la Subway and cookies and people standing around drinking beer and Butterbitch wandering around wondering why no-one never never understood his drinking game. Happi photos. On On.

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