Monday, September 5, 2011

Run#243The Trash

It was the turn of Octopussy and Dora the Whora to set a shit runs out at the Surf Club. Hash doesn’t have any rules but if it did it should be that you can’t set a run using blue chalk. It’s almost invisible but in saying that it is a good way to keep the pack together. Now I said runs and that’s not a typo because everyone seemed to do a different one. I enjoyed mine. On the occasion I did stumble on an arrow it was going the wrong way (or I was). The other thing that catches young hares is that kerbs and paths near nice green grass, particularly in that area are watered each night and the checks and arrows simply disappear. But everyone got a workout and made it back safely and Octopussy wasn't murdered. Unfortunately there is no circle report this week due to legal reasons. While we encourage you to bring a friend to Hash we need you to explain to them what Hash is about and maybe even suggest they read about it on the net before attending. Wikipedia would be a good start.

The food was great and even edible by vegos. The Brownies were really good but kept jumping into my mouth. Good effort guys. See you all tonight. On On.

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