Monday, August 22, 2011

Run#241The Trash

Well you had to run a bloody long way on Urinal and Tackle Box’s trail to discover how shit it was. The word from the athletes in the group was that it was up around Willee Creek and back again. Starting at the Surf Club the walkers did their bit easy and the smart runners took the shortcut at Frangipani and were back and on their second beer when the last of the runners staggered in. I should say well done but I’m really thinking wankers. I decided that I’d take the photos this week as someone pointed out that something was wrong with the camera. Apparently none of the photos of women had shots with their mouths shut. I figured out it was just a shutter speed issue. AT was the RA and couldn’t wait to get into Butterbitches green dress. I must admit he was looking pretty hot. Not. The hares got downdowns with the gimp and the pipe and Tackle was moaning about her football top getting wet but how stupid are you to wear that and not a hash indestructible singlet when you set a shit run. Admittedly the down downs don’t usually have beetroot juice in them but hey it matched her top (except the white bits) and she was the one who brought the tinned beetroot anyway. We had a couple of visitors who lent us their cowch or actually we just took it as we had 2 birthday people, Cock in a frock and Glamour Puss I think, to ice. Somehow they ended up standing up and Warrick Slangs Bitch and Love you long time took their seats and later sang them happy birthday as a nice duet. I think they ended up there because they couldn’t even pull a bird after the Broome Cup with the offer of a free lift home. We had 3 virgins who I think ran the whole thing, wonder if they’ll be back? We had Urinal and Cock in a Frock drinking each others down down, not sure what that was about. We then had some sort of down down race and again not sure what that was about either. I did feel a bit sorry for those who got the beetroot down downs instead of the special Guinness and cider ones. The food was burgers which were expertly cooked on the barbie by AT who also had a lesson in serious Vego cooking and seemed to do okay. I can see now why Tackle doesn’t stay for dinner. That’s enough.

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