Monday, August 15, 2011

Run#240The Trash

How can it be Monday already? Did we skip a few days? The Cockup and Cracker RU run pulled a page full of runners for the first entry in the new Hash Book. It was a long 6.5 km run around Old Broome and quite a few of us earned our beers by the end. The whole thing was set in flour and had 3 RU’s or Round Ups as Cockup is getting on a bit and thought he needed to slow the leaders down a little. The sprint home from near the Conti brought out a bit of competition and testosterone. One of the fastest runners was Butterbitch who couldn’t wait to get back to the circle and show off his new green dress. And he looked a treat. I think Tackle box had the camera so I have to wonder about her and what she photographed. I’m not sure what is the most photographed thing in Hash. It’s either Westpac’s belly or Urinals shoes.

Back at the Cracker and Cockup love den we had a couple of virgins, a few returnees and a naming but stuffed if I can remember what it was. Can someone post a comment and tell me. There was plenty of singing and a quick swing low. There was other stuff and things happened but I have to finish so I’ll move on.The food was soup again which tasted great but if we have it again tonight we have to register with the Shire as a Soup Kitchen. Tonight is the Surf Club. On On.

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