Monday, August 8, 2011

Run#239The Trash

Last Monday night’s Hash run at St. Johns Ambulance Depot was the combining of two well respected community services that not only share common values but also members. Faucet, Quickie, Cockinafrock and Ivanah Humpalot share their time between helping those who get sick and running with those who are sick. The similarities are amazing. St John’s crew spend time searching some of the less fortunate parts of town at night with torches. So do Broome Hash. We both have uniforms that stand out. They have a siren we have a horn. Many of the people they have to deal with are affected by alcohol and the same at Hash. They are often in discussion with hospital staff as are the hashers. I could go on and on on. The run was fantastic despite people getting lost and Warrick Slangs Bitch holding up the circle while he wandered around town with a virgin. The area the run covered was some of the more dodgy parts of Broome so as a clever ploy the ambo crew pre bandaged the runners so they would not only blend in but also be looked on mercifully by the local residents. The neighbour to St. John wasn’t overly happy with the circle songs and as well as yelling at us over the fence apparently made a complaint the next morning about the colourful wording of our songs. Thought it a bit strange considering some of the other neighbours. Shit. Look at the time. Wombat was the RA. We had 2 virgins who danced around the Ancient Inca IV pole, a couple of media down downs, Rainman on Ice, not sure why, Sister Pubes as well for getting engaged, fair enough, and a naming. Stationary Crab. Sort of a combination of being a cancer and working at Boss. The soup kitchen had three types of soup which were lovingly cooked by Quickie and two types of breadrolls. And we donated $250 to St John Volunteers so they can attend a Country Volunteers conference in Perth later this month. That’s it. Gotta go.

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