Monday, August 1, 2011

Run#238The Trash

I’ve always thought Christmas in July was a bit wanky and so I guess it was fitting for Broome Hash to have one and for it to be orchestrated by Slang, Deepthroat and Franger. First up, it was impressive that many people put in a lot of effort. I went as a wise man bearing a gift of Gold (a dollar coin in my pocket) but no-one seemed to pick up on it, they all seemed to busy looking at Jesus, Mary, Santa and the Christmas tree angel. The biggest shock of all I guess was the run. Let’s face it, Slang usually sets pretty shit runs but besides everyone missing the Hash Holt it was pretty impressive (and long). The pass the parcel in the park part was new and fun although there was some dodgy singing and I never seemed to get to unwrap the parcel and Yama got it several times. The last pass with the on home was pretty cool I guess in a childish immature sort of way. Cockup led the circle like a man on a mission. Probably the quickest circle ever considering all the things that went on. There was a Chris Cringle thing where people ended up with condoms and candles and useless crap and somehow Bogger ended up with some sort of noisy chicken sex toy which kept several juvenile people entertained for the rest of the night. There was a big tall virgin, a couple of visitors from Queensland and we all sang swing low. Catflaps, Ivanhumpalot, Sister Pubes and the Xmas tree angle got to down a beer for the extra effort they put in to dressing up, although they ended up pouring it over a slightly pumped and semi naked Urinal. The food was Xmas Shit with the girls putting in a lot of effort and then Red coming in at the end and telling them to fuck off out of the way and taking over. Turkey breasts, roast potatoes and vegies followed up with alcohol soaked and partially flaming plum pudding. Despite Slang trying to encourage people to get into the xmas spirit and start a fight it all ended well. And someone broke a stubbie. Ooohh. .

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