Monday, July 25, 2011

Run#237The Trash

Was a bit worried about last weeks run with Premature and Little Premature setting a run a little prematurely in their hash career and having it in Broome North where we had already run last week but hey, they pulled it off even with dodgy checks and they pulled a good crowd as well.

I must say I found it a little eerie running around an estate with no houses. I’ll probably end up some dribbling, pants wetting old man one day at Germanus Kent trying to impress the nurses with my stories about when I was young and how I remember running through Broome North before it even had houses. I can remember Roebuck with only a couple of houses….

Unlike Two dogs Run no-one was injured or lost and we all made it back to the circle which was set up in the middle of Magabala Road and ran by the ever improving Butterbitch. The Prem Bros had the first down down and got to wear the pipe and the gimp for setting a shit run. We didn’t have a welcome to country but we did give Crackafat a down down for allowing us to run on her estate so that’s the same sort of thing I guess. We had a skinny virgin who did some sort of hoola hoop thing with a small bike tyre and the three newish girls finally got names. One of them self confessed that she caught her bits in an escalator (which was later clarified as an epilator) and ended up being called Catflaps. Ivanahumpalot got her name by being dobbed in for something which I guess had something to do with her name and last but not least Sister Pubes got dragged in to make it a triple naming. Dora the Whora was there again after his broken ankle from last week healed and I forgot his name in last week’s blog. The camera went flat so I can’t remember much else. One of the new girls sent me a couple of photos, thanks. It looks like Casper the ghost took the last photo. Not sure what the conversation went like at Eagle Boys when some guy with an Irish accent ordered 10 pizzas to Broome North but they turned up eventually and went well with the beer. Don’t forget its Xmas in July tonight. Come and see what a shit run really is. But it will be fun. On on.

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