Monday, July 18, 2011

Run#236The Trash

Two Dogs and her bitch Rainman like to make you work hard for your beer. They had a big mob of us running all around the bush in Blue Haze and the new streets of Broome North. Back at the On Home Butterbitch RA’d the proceedings in what you would have to call a nice venue for a Hash Circle. Seems like Blue Haze is the flavour of the month this Month for Flashy Hash runs. The Hares took their down downs first as per normal while little Puller watched on, picking up a few pointers for when he reaches his teens. Butterbitch instigated a new tradition where Hares can tell people how they got their names. Great idea but unfortunately some people are going to have to make up a story as the mystery of their naming isn’t as exciting as the reality! We had no returnees so it was straight into the virgins who did the ceremonial dance around the ancient Inca cardboard box stone. This stone seems to be gaining importance as it now has became apparent that, like the phone hacking scandal in the UK there’s more to it once you look into it. It seems like it has some mystical fertility power and the reason for Westpac’s big belly. Not that I think dancing around the rock was the cause of that but could be a warning or a blessing for some of those young hash girls we have that are regularly exposed to it. So best to keep away from the stone or at least from AT. I’m starting to waffle. Sorry. We had 5 virgins in all. One got a bit damaged on the run but still danced okay. We had a couple of medias with Deep Throat, Jackoff and Bargey taking one for their exposure to the greater Broome community. Pusher and Puller had to take one as well for a reason for which I can’t remember but they did so as a family affair which was nice. We had one and a half christenings with one of the virgins, the one with the backpack being named xxxx? (help me out here guys). I do remember that Slangs Bitch was keen for a name change and as a group we felt sorry for him so we changed his name to Warrick Slangs Bitch thanks to his tight white shorts. Sometimes you just have to be there. And sometimes even when you are there you don’t get it or can’t remember it. Faucet had to down a beer with the pipe as he was caught climbing inside one of those big black pipes which are scattered along Broome Road at the moment. He did fit which was an important thing to know. The food was a really shit and the result of Rainmans afternoon in the kitchen. Hot in temp and warm in spice, it was just perfect for a cool evening. Most people stayed on for a bowl or two and a relaxing chat. Lets see what the Premature boys come up with tonight??? On On.

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