Monday, July 11, 2011

Run#235The Trash

The sort off crowds that Red dreams about queued up outside the Kimberley bookshop for the first ever Fourth of July run. He and Yama had gone all out with cute little flags to show their independence to the normal hash run. Whatever that is. It was a little American flag for an on on, a little Iraqi flag for a check and a little Afghani flag for an on back. As an avid little flag photographer Faucet tried to collect the whole set but failed in his quest to find an Afghani on back but then realised that Quickie probably ran ahead of everyone and removed them all as she doesn’t think they should go back. The combination of chalk and the flag system worked well and has us trapped in Chinatown for a while and included a nice Hash halt with Bud’s at the Short St car park. Then in a first for Brome Hash we were castigated and sent back to Streeters Jetty to do the run properly and not shortcut the dodgy section in behind the old pearling shed. I must admit I thought I’d seen it all but there was a bit of virgin ground hidden in amongst the mangroves on the northern end of Streeters beach. The second part of the run was a little less lacklustre and I managed to inadvertently stumble across the on home near the Courthouse. Despite the call of beer I continued on with the crowd and the search for the elusive Afghani on back but again to no avail. The circle was held in the long grass behind the bookshop with Butterbitch doing the RA role and the hares of course got the first one for the shit run. We had Mac and Super visiting from down south and another guy whose home hash was Vietnam or somewhere. We had one virgin who really took to the dancing around the ancient Inca stone chair and it almost seemed a shame to start the down down down part when he was just getting the crowd going. Slangs Bitch and Deep Throat were hauled up for whinging about their names. I can’t see what the problem is but I guess that’s because my name isn’t Slangs Bitch or Deep Throat. Quickie had to have one for a reason which I can’t remember, something blondish I guess, no, it was for media and writing letters to the editor. Someone had a birthday and Precious had a sore knee or a sore hip or something else as equally as sad. We also had a naming with that girl who hasn’t been named for a long time being christened Detox because of her dedication to having a few hours alcohol free before she came to hash. I have no idea why Two Dogs and Perky got one but who really cares, I’m sure it was deserved. The run was shit but the food was really shit. Luke warm hot dogs served in plain white rolls with sauces and some token rabbit food. At least we got the aroma from Som Thai wafting in to make it seem a bit more palatable. So that wraps up Indepedence day in Broome for about 40 people. Let’s see what Rainman and Two Dogs can do tonight. So off your asses and out to Blue Haze. You know you’ll enjoy it once you’re there.

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