Sunday, July 3, 2011

Run#234The Trash

Thought I’d chuck in a few portrait shots this week. The run was set by a strange woman with a sore toe using little arrows with small breasts and long on backs. I cleverly figured out they were not small breasts but in fact it was a b for bitch. Enough said. Red ran the circle and made Barge down a drink to add to the other meds she has to take for her dodgy toe. There were a few returnees like Cockup and Muppet. Rainman had a second returnee down down in a row, maybe because he’d been gone for so long and Perky and Butterbitch were finally back in running mode after running around the country running. We had a visitor from Melbourne and a virgin who didn’t drink was but more than happy to dance around the Inca stone and then tip her beer over her head. Perhaps she could give Muppet a lesson on how to do that. There was also some sort of lost and found thing with red jocks and a bag of grass. Who brings that sort of shit to hash or more to the point who brings it and doesn’t take it home? The special treat for the night was Yamashittasuckerfish’s 50th Run. She got off pretty lightly with just having to wear the pipe. She took one big mouthful and wore the rest. It was about then I realised that we have a major design fault in our Hash shirts and why you would never see anyone wear one on the wet tee shirt night at the Roey. Well done Yamma. Speaking of singlets we also dragged up a few non tee shirt wearers for being non compliant and not complying with the rules of which we have none. Thirty five bucks and you to can look like some of these people shown. Food was great, although not sure what it was. A couple of big pots of warm, tasty, healthy looking stuff and garlic bread which was followed up with some mulled wine which tasted great but has people spitting out bits of stuff all night and ended up with a pot of pissed oranges and lemons. Well done Bargey sore toe.

Can't remember who took the photos. Urinal I think.

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