Monday, July 25, 2011

Run# 238 July 25th


Sorry I didn't make it on Monday and Cock Up, belive it or not, I was NOT having sex. Hash on the 25th July is Christmas in July. This means:

1. Hashers need to dress up (as reindeer, santa claus, elves, as plum puddings)
2. Hashers need to find something in their house or car that they either don't like or don't want, wrap it up (newspaper will do) and bring it to Hash on Monday. There will be a white elephant chriscringle taking place.
3. Any Hashers who have left over Christmas products i.e. old mince pies, plum puddings, dodgy bottles of grog, that they don't want, can bring them along for general consumption.

There will be Christmas party games and everyone is obliged to pick a fight with someone else in the true spirit of Christmas.

It will also be a shit run, we can promise you that now.

Please can whoever has the trailer drop it off at my house or tell me where you live and then can someone else help drive it round for me (I can reward with cup of tea and biscuit or gin & tonic) as I am crap at driving and have never driven with a trailer in tow.


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