Monday, July 25, 2011

Run# 238 July 25th


Sorry I didn't make it on Monday and Cock Up, belive it or not, I was NOT having sex. Hash on the 25th July is Christmas in July. This means:

1. Hashers need to dress up (as reindeer, santa claus, elves, as plum puddings)
2. Hashers need to find something in their house or car that they either don't like or don't want, wrap it up (newspaper will do) and bring it to Hash on Monday. There will be a white elephant chriscringle taking place.
3. Any Hashers who have left over Christmas products i.e. old mince pies, plum puddings, dodgy bottles of grog, that they don't want, can bring them along for general consumption.

There will be Christmas party games and everyone is obliged to pick a fight with someone else in the true spirit of Christmas.

It will also be a shit run, we can promise you that now.

Please can whoever has the trailer drop it off at my house or tell me where you live and then can someone else help drive it round for me (I can reward with cup of tea and biscuit or gin & tonic) as I am crap at driving and have never driven with a trailer in tow.


Run#237The Trash

Was a bit worried about last weeks run with Premature and Little Premature setting a run a little prematurely in their hash career and having it in Broome North where we had already run last week but hey, they pulled it off even with dodgy checks and they pulled a good crowd as well.

I must say I found it a little eerie running around an estate with no houses. I’ll probably end up some dribbling, pants wetting old man one day at Germanus Kent trying to impress the nurses with my stories about when I was young and how I remember running through Broome North before it even had houses. I can remember Roebuck with only a couple of houses….

Unlike Two dogs Run no-one was injured or lost and we all made it back to the circle which was set up in the middle of Magabala Road and ran by the ever improving Butterbitch. The Prem Bros had the first down down and got to wear the pipe and the gimp for setting a shit run. We didn’t have a welcome to country but we did give Crackafat a down down for allowing us to run on her estate so that’s the same sort of thing I guess. We had a skinny virgin who did some sort of hoola hoop thing with a small bike tyre and the three newish girls finally got names. One of them self confessed that she caught her bits in an escalator (which was later clarified as an epilator) and ended up being called Catflaps. Ivanahumpalot got her name by being dobbed in for something which I guess had something to do with her name and last but not least Sister Pubes got dragged in to make it a triple naming. Dora the Whora was there again after his broken ankle from last week healed and I forgot his name in last week’s blog. The camera went flat so I can’t remember much else. One of the new girls sent me a couple of photos, thanks. It looks like Casper the ghost took the last photo. Not sure what the conversation went like at Eagle Boys when some guy with an Irish accent ordered 10 pizzas to Broome North but they turned up eventually and went well with the beer. Don’t forget its Xmas in July tonight. Come and see what a shit run really is. But it will be fun. On on.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Run# 237 July 18th

Premature & Little Premature virgin Hares

Broome North, Gubinge Rd, main entrance

545pm leave 6pm

Food & Drinks


Run#236The Trash

Two Dogs and her bitch Rainman like to make you work hard for your beer. They had a big mob of us running all around the bush in Blue Haze and the new streets of Broome North. Back at the On Home Butterbitch RA’d the proceedings in what you would have to call a nice venue for a Hash Circle. Seems like Blue Haze is the flavour of the month this Month for Flashy Hash runs. The Hares took their down downs first as per normal while little Puller watched on, picking up a few pointers for when he reaches his teens. Butterbitch instigated a new tradition where Hares can tell people how they got their names. Great idea but unfortunately some people are going to have to make up a story as the mystery of their naming isn’t as exciting as the reality! We had no returnees so it was straight into the virgins who did the ceremonial dance around the ancient Inca cardboard box stone. This stone seems to be gaining importance as it now has became apparent that, like the phone hacking scandal in the UK there’s more to it once you look into it. It seems like it has some mystical fertility power and the reason for Westpac’s big belly. Not that I think dancing around the rock was the cause of that but could be a warning or a blessing for some of those young hash girls we have that are regularly exposed to it. So best to keep away from the stone or at least from AT. I’m starting to waffle. Sorry. We had 5 virgins in all. One got a bit damaged on the run but still danced okay. We had a couple of medias with Deep Throat, Jackoff and Bargey taking one for their exposure to the greater Broome community. Pusher and Puller had to take one as well for a reason for which I can’t remember but they did so as a family affair which was nice. We had one and a half christenings with one of the virgins, the one with the backpack being named xxxx? (help me out here guys). I do remember that Slangs Bitch was keen for a name change and as a group we felt sorry for him so we changed his name to Warrick Slangs Bitch thanks to his tight white shorts. Sometimes you just have to be there. And sometimes even when you are there you don’t get it or can’t remember it. Faucet had to down a beer with the pipe as he was caught climbing inside one of those big black pipes which are scattered along Broome Road at the moment. He did fit which was an important thing to know. The food was a really shit and the result of Rainmans afternoon in the kitchen. Hot in temp and warm in spice, it was just perfect for a cool evening. Most people stayed on for a bowl or two and a relaxing chat. Lets see what the Premature boys come up with tonight??? On On.

Monday, July 11, 2011

RUN #236 11JUL

545pm meet & leave at 6pm

Rainman and I are setting the run tomorrow.

2 Minilya Rd
Blue Haze.

Torches Yes, Food Yes.



Run#235The Trash

The sort off crowds that Red dreams about queued up outside the Kimberley bookshop for the first ever Fourth of July run. He and Yama had gone all out with cute little flags to show their independence to the normal hash run. Whatever that is. It was a little American flag for an on on, a little Iraqi flag for a check and a little Afghani flag for an on back. As an avid little flag photographer Faucet tried to collect the whole set but failed in his quest to find an Afghani on back but then realised that Quickie probably ran ahead of everyone and removed them all as she doesn’t think they should go back. The combination of chalk and the flag system worked well and has us trapped in Chinatown for a while and included a nice Hash halt with Bud’s at the Short St car park. Then in a first for Brome Hash we were castigated and sent back to Streeters Jetty to do the run properly and not shortcut the dodgy section in behind the old pearling shed. I must admit I thought I’d seen it all but there was a bit of virgin ground hidden in amongst the mangroves on the northern end of Streeters beach. The second part of the run was a little less lacklustre and I managed to inadvertently stumble across the on home near the Courthouse. Despite the call of beer I continued on with the crowd and the search for the elusive Afghani on back but again to no avail. The circle was held in the long grass behind the bookshop with Butterbitch doing the RA role and the hares of course got the first one for the shit run. We had Mac and Super visiting from down south and another guy whose home hash was Vietnam or somewhere. We had one virgin who really took to the dancing around the ancient Inca stone chair and it almost seemed a shame to start the down down down part when he was just getting the crowd going. Slangs Bitch and Deep Throat were hauled up for whinging about their names. I can’t see what the problem is but I guess that’s because my name isn’t Slangs Bitch or Deep Throat. Quickie had to have one for a reason which I can’t remember, something blondish I guess, no, it was for media and writing letters to the editor. Someone had a birthday and Precious had a sore knee or a sore hip or something else as equally as sad. We also had a naming with that girl who hasn’t been named for a long time being christened Detox because of her dedication to having a few hours alcohol free before she came to hash. I have no idea why Two Dogs and Perky got one but who really cares, I’m sure it was deserved. The run was shit but the food was really shit. Luke warm hot dogs served in plain white rolls with sauces and some token rabbit food. At least we got the aroma from Som Thai wafting in to make it seem a bit more palatable. So that wraps up Indepedence day in Broome for about 40 people. Let’s see what Rainman and Two Dogs can do tonight. So off your asses and out to Blue Haze. You know you’ll enjoy it once you’re there.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Run#234The Trash

Thought I’d chuck in a few portrait shots this week. The run was set by a strange woman with a sore toe using little arrows with small breasts and long on backs. I cleverly figured out they were not small breasts but in fact it was a b for bitch. Enough said. Red ran the circle and made Barge down a drink to add to the other meds she has to take for her dodgy toe. There were a few returnees like Cockup and Muppet. Rainman had a second returnee down down in a row, maybe because he’d been gone for so long and Perky and Butterbitch were finally back in running mode after running around the country running. We had a visitor from Melbourne and a virgin who didn’t drink was but more than happy to dance around the Inca stone and then tip her beer over her head. Perhaps she could give Muppet a lesson on how to do that. There was also some sort of lost and found thing with red jocks and a bag of grass. Who brings that sort of shit to hash or more to the point who brings it and doesn’t take it home? The special treat for the night was Yamashittasuckerfish’s 50th Run. She got off pretty lightly with just having to wear the pipe. She took one big mouthful and wore the rest. It was about then I realised that we have a major design fault in our Hash shirts and why you would never see anyone wear one on the wet tee shirt night at the Roey. Well done Yamma. Speaking of singlets we also dragged up a few non tee shirt wearers for being non compliant and not complying with the rules of which we have none. Thirty five bucks and you to can look like some of these people shown. Food was great, although not sure what it was. A couple of big pots of warm, tasty, healthy looking stuff and garlic bread which was followed up with some mulled wine which tasted great but has people spitting out bits of stuff all night and ended up with a pot of pissed oranges and lemons. Well done Bargey sore toe.

Can't remember who took the photos. Urinal I think.