Monday, June 20, 2011

Run#232The Trash

2 second blog. Faucet and Puller set live run at generic location to show how easy it is to set a run even if you start at 5.oopm. Puller is very nervous. Then he was excited about being chased and then scared when he ran so fast he was near the end of the run and almost caught the pack as they were just starting off. He hid in the bushes until they were gone. Good plan. Couple of dozen people who seemed their way around okay and ended up back in Chinatown for the circle opposite the post office behind the no alcohol sign near the boab. Red and Anal Tool and Wombat charged a few, made the 4 virgin girls dance around the ancient Inca beer carton rock and generally waffled on. Four namings or actually 2 paired namings. Tried and Failed and Premature and Little Premature. Pretty tame names really, we must be in a mellow phase at the moment. Food was brought over the street. Fish, chips, chicken, rolls and salad followed up with choc chip cookies and a schnapps to warm our cool bodies.

I thought it was a good night which is the most important thing I guess. On on til tonight.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I have typed out a witty post 4 times and it won't post!!! How on earth can Red and Faucet of all people figure this out?

Anonymous said...

Love from Stealth