Thursday, June 9, 2011

Run#231The Trash

So the Pusher and Puller long weekend show managed to still pull in a good crowd despite missing many of the regulars who were obviously too worn out from their day off to go running. And run we did. Lots of short checks which means no breaks for the mid range runners when you have Spec out in front. But it worked up a good thirst and the eskies were full of cold beer. The pool was heated but was only used for ambience as the weather is not that conducive to swimming this time of year. Back at the circle Wombat was the RA and behaved himself moderately well. He had the birthday girl who also happened to be one of the hares sitting on an icy stool. Wonder why more people don’t admit to having a birthday? Glad I was born in March when it’s hot. We had 5 virgins who danced around the Inca saucepan with an empty beer keg in it. They seemed to be enjoying the dancing too much and had to be told to start the drinking bit. Obviously they need more practice. We had a couple of returnees with Director and Puller the hare. No media down downs or at least no-one dobbed me in for media which was good as the down downs were pretty ordinary. Beer, Solo and Cider. But the food was great. A choice of Lasagnes and salad and hash cookies. Great home cooked meal for 5 bucks and no dishes (well not for most of us anyway). Spec had fun with after run sports as he shot the little hash boy with a gun. That probably sounds a bit weird; maybe you had to be there. Too late now so better get along next week. I promise it won’t be as difficult as the last one. Or not.

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