Thursday, June 2, 2011

Run#230The Trash

Well you can’t really call that a run can you. Maybe a quick canter for a few furlongs between drinks. Actually, maybe that’s true as I just looked up how long a furlong is and it’s 201 metres. Now there’s an important piece of trivia to remember to impress your friends with out at the races. So Bogger and Deep Throat made a couple of dozen sensible people dress up in silly race gear and then feed them cheap champagne and chips from buckets with horsie pictures on them but hey, I heard people say it was good so who am I to say it wasn’t a shit run. Matso’s via touch chucked in the left overs of a flat keg which was quickly polished off by the shelter people, as was the food. Cold but appropriate for the occasion. Red was the RA and despite no virgins, returnees, media or birthdays he still managed to keep us entertained. We had a few people up for namings but only one got through. Slangs Bitch. Sort of sounds like the name of a horse really. Anyway Slangs Bitch who is apparently really Penny’s bitch or however that works was christened in the traditional manner. A few of the photos probably need some clarification. Is Octopussy saying grace before she eats? And why did Pusher leave her poor child in the pram on the middle of the road in the dark while she drank champagne? And who's the cheapskate with the eco fascinator? Anyway a different sort of run and one of the joys of Broome hash where you never know what you are going to get. On on til next week.

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