Thursday, May 12, 2011

Run#227The Trash

Well it’s good to discover that you can even use a car to set a shit run with streamers and toilet paper. Yamashittasuckerfish and Wombat marked a trail around the LIA and then split us up into boys and girls to tackle the run. Actually it was more a fifty fifty split of boys and then a few girls with a couple of smart boys. As one of the boy girls I was surprised to discover that they didn’t ask directions but Bogger did ask a lady on a bike if shed seen any ribbon on her ride. As one would have expected the guys came in first although the girls didn’t have Quickie, but then guys didn’t have Spec. We had a few old faces (and bodies) back for the run which was nice as well as a few visitors who were happy to chip in with a few new songs which were great. Crusty was back from where ever it is that Crusty goes and he donned the black robes and lead us all into the Beer Prayer. He followed this up with a virgin shoe beer. We had a couple of virgins who danced around the ancient Inca Cactus and became hashers.

The food was fowl. And snowballs.

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Quickie said...

Yr doing a good job holding up that pole Faucet.