Thursday, May 26, 2011

RUN #229 The Red Trash or what I saw from atop the hill

What great food!
There was a howling easterly blowing penguins from off the subantarctic islands to crash into the side of the hash trailer. I counted 4 jumpers though it wasn't as bad as that....

Urinal and CIAf make an attractive hash couple. Like a well massage oiled machine urinal leapt into preparing a delectable feast whilst CIAF led us off into the crashing waves sheer cliffs and petrochemical wasteland of Entrance pOint and its surrounds.
Note should be made of the tardy start which was not actually caused by faucet.

There were arrows going the wrong way and voracious hermit crabs in enormous piles to mark the dubious trail - a quick run for some and a quick push around the block for pusher and a slight waddle for Westpac.

The pack came back en masse to a hearty curry, dahl and rice prepared on the ailing Hash Barbecue.

There was naming "Croc Tease" threw herself into teh ocean off the boat ramp at entrance point in the dark - hence her name. I can only presume she is new to town.....

Numbers were down - so make an effort next week i know how tempting it is to stay home next to the fire eating crumpets with lashings of butter but make an effort. If your lucky someione else might put their life at risk and you'll get to witness it!

Apologies as usual for not remembering everyone there - I only had one beer but lack the camera of the erstwhile regular contributor.

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Faucet said...

Thanks Red. Been a busy week.
With a bit more practice you could be just like me.