Monday, May 23, 2011

Run#228The Trash

Don’t whinge. It’s here now. The Happi and Westpac and I think Precious run last week. The quality of the photos are in no way indicative of the run. It was shit. Actually let’s be honest about this. It happened last week and I’ve already forgotten what happened and I have only 2 visual prompts so it’s a pretty crap blog. I’m a busy man. Not sure what Cockup was saying but it made the girls close their eyes and in the other pic I have no fucking idea who was wearing the gimp mask or why except that it probably isn’t a girl and they obviously did something wrong or maybe neither.I am wondering why Cockup is holding his tackle though? And why is that man hiding behind the pole and who is that other half man? I do remember the food. Pumpkin soup and muffin thingies which were great. Good comfort food on a chilly Broome night. See you all tonight. On On.

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Anonymous said...

COCK UP IS HOLDING his tackle because nobody else will