Monday, May 30, 2011

Run# 230 May 30th

Hares: Bogger and Deep Throat
Venue: Lighthouse Carpark Gantheuame Point
Theme: Welcome to race season. Wear a frock, hat or fascinator
Food: Yes
Drink: Of course
Method of seeing where you are going: Torch

And some photos to go with the Red stuff

Thursday, May 26, 2011

RUN #229 The Red Trash or what I saw from atop the hill

What great food!
There was a howling easterly blowing penguins from off the subantarctic islands to crash into the side of the hash trailer. I counted 4 jumpers though it wasn't as bad as that....

Urinal and CIAf make an attractive hash couple. Like a well massage oiled machine urinal leapt into preparing a delectable feast whilst CIAF led us off into the crashing waves sheer cliffs and petrochemical wasteland of Entrance pOint and its surrounds.
Note should be made of the tardy start which was not actually caused by faucet.

There were arrows going the wrong way and voracious hermit crabs in enormous piles to mark the dubious trail - a quick run for some and a quick push around the block for pusher and a slight waddle for Westpac.

The pack came back en masse to a hearty curry, dahl and rice prepared on the ailing Hash Barbecue.

There was naming "Croc Tease" threw herself into teh ocean off the boat ramp at entrance point in the dark - hence her name. I can only presume she is new to town.....

Numbers were down - so make an effort next week i know how tempting it is to stay home next to the fire eating crumpets with lashings of butter but make an effort. If your lucky someione else might put their life at risk and you'll get to witness it!

Apologies as usual for not remembering everyone there - I only had one beer but lack the camera of the erstwhile regular contributor.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Run#228The Trash

Don’t whinge. It’s here now. The Happi and Westpac and I think Precious run last week. The quality of the photos are in no way indicative of the run. It was shit. Actually let’s be honest about this. It happened last week and I’ve already forgotten what happened and I have only 2 visual prompts so it’s a pretty crap blog. I’m a busy man. Not sure what Cockup was saying but it made the girls close their eyes and in the other pic I have no fucking idea who was wearing the gimp mask or why except that it probably isn’t a girl and they obviously did something wrong or maybe neither.I am wondering why Cockup is holding his tackle though? And why is that man hiding behind the pole and who is that other half man? I do remember the food. Pumpkin soup and muffin thingies which were great. Good comfort food on a chilly Broome night. See you all tonight. On On.

Friday, May 20, 2011

RUN #229 23MAY

Hares CIAF and Urinal
Wher: entrance point, port
Time:1745 for 1800 run
Food: yes vego and non vego
torches: yes - there are rocks!


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Run#227The Trash

Well it’s good to discover that you can even use a car to set a shit run with streamers and toilet paper. Yamashittasuckerfish and Wombat marked a trail around the LIA and then split us up into boys and girls to tackle the run. Actually it was more a fifty fifty split of boys and then a few girls with a couple of smart boys. As one of the boy girls I was surprised to discover that they didn’t ask directions but Bogger did ask a lady on a bike if shed seen any ribbon on her ride. As one would have expected the guys came in first although the girls didn’t have Quickie, but then guys didn’t have Spec. We had a few old faces (and bodies) back for the run which was nice as well as a few visitors who were happy to chip in with a few new songs which were great. Crusty was back from where ever it is that Crusty goes and he donned the black robes and lead us all into the Beer Prayer. He followed this up with a virgin shoe beer. We had a couple of virgins who danced around the ancient Inca Cactus and became hashers.

The food was fowl. And snowballs.


happy and i (Westpac) doing next weeks run from 14 goshawk loop/cnr swift street in roebuck estate,
we will have food and you will need torches.

Monday, May 9, 2011

RUN #227 9MAY

After much conjecture the Hares have decided on the following;

Hare's YamaSucker Fish & Wombat
Address: 7 Farrell Street, LIA
Torches: Yes!
Food and drinks provided
And a dirty pool too!

Don't worry about cleaning it Yama till after Red has been in it cause you will only have to clean it again afterwards!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Run#226The Trash

Well, like last weeks run the blog will be shit and short. Mad Cow and Grunter had us running around Roebuck, confusing us with 2 dot flour ons and a hash halt outside some random persons house. Don’t know what they would have thought we were doing but if they had followed us and peeked over the fence back at circle central they may have ran off in fear. A naming ritual where a guy was named Efuxer and a girl called Morning Glory had beer splashed all over them. Then a horrible white hairy arse sat on seat of ice. Followed up by a young boy having leg hairs ripped from his body by a pack of cash wielding women. Even I was cringing. And then everyone sat around and had a jolly old feed as if all was normal in Roebuck. But we know better!