Thursday, April 28, 2011

Run#225The Trash

Anzac Day. Lest we forget. The camera. No problem we didn’t need one. The hare was Quickie, we all know what she looks like by now. She was helped by Sarah who doesn’t have a name or a photo (and has done 8 runs!!!!). It was dark so no-one could see where we were going anyway which is probably the reason we ran in clever circles around almost every single street in Roebuck Estate. So again no photo needed. Spec had an aircraft landing light on his head which made him a little top heavy but stopped him getting lost at high speed which again wouldn’t be photographable. Deep throat was sick and so probably didn’t want to be snapped, Slang gets enough photos anyway so she was out. Don’t think Love u long time was wearing a hash shirt so he doesn’t deserve a photo. Conchie and Faucet are too old for photos and splinter to young. Happi, Vagrant and Gash were all just sitting around after a big walk and therefore not worthy. Cock in a Frock was the RA and may have deserved a snap but life can be hard sometimes so he missed out. The virgin girl was pretty scrawny and although her virgin dance was well choreographed the photo would have just looked like a stick insect on a rock. Muscle Puller is too quiet and the two other almost virgins are still to shy to have a blog photo yet so I guess that justifies not needing the camera. The food was hearty pasta in two flavours which was good and bountiful but unphotographable due to copyright issues. Thanks Quickie.

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