Monday, April 18, 2011

Run#223The Trash

Well Storks run was obviously shit as everyone is still talking about it. I mean it would have to be shit because he was so slow it took him two days to set it and it went everywhere and people kept having to bunch up to find the right trail and everyone kept yelling on on as there were so many fucking arrows and on backs. And then back at the finish, what a hovel. We had to sit outside on long skinny bits of wood. The whole forty of us. No wonder they made him wear the shit run seat and the hash pipe and the gimp mask. He earned it. The first two runners made it after about 15 minutes because they got lost (don’t know how). Faucet got back just after the back just after the dune leg because he need a beer and couldn’t wait any longer and then after the walkers came most of the pack except for Nutcracker and Grunter who turned up halfway through the circle. There were two boy virgins who did the Inca Waltz and seemed to be enjoying it. We had Brazilian Coathanger doing the photography so we could get some aerial shots. It was a big night for Perky as she notched up fifty runs. She got a wet stool as there was no ice and was presented with her prized fifty run cup. She also got Faucet to sit on her knee as he was charged for some trivial matter. We had 4 namings with Nutcracker, Efux, Get Stuffed and Muscle Puller all being christened by the RA twins AT and Butterbitch. Don’t ask me how they got their names, you had to be there. We seem to be going through an era of semi naked men runners, did I miss the semi naked women runners era or is it yet to come? Slops was there selling warm Matsos beer to raise funds for her Hash Riders Gibb Bike Challenge Charity which seemed to go well. There was some sort of muddy pond over in the corner where lots of people spent most of the evening, apparently it had stools in the water so I decided not to go in. I think I saw a couple floating around when I took the photos.

And the food. Shit as you would imagine. Poorly catered for. No idea what sort of roast meat people liked so they just cooked all different sorts. Same with the salads. And the roast potatoes were crispy on all sides, not al dente like mine.It was so badly catered for that some people even had to go back two or three times to help get through it all. Yep what can I say? Definitely one of the most shit runs Hash has had.

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