Thursday, April 7, 2011

Run#222The Trash

Well that run sorted the men from the boys. Ali noname and Faucet taught a few people what hash was about and what a hardcore bunch of hashers they were. Raining, cold, shit run through drains, bush, prickles, half washed out arrows and checks yet they battled on. Trapped behind fences with Faucet laughing at them and then squeezing under fences or then getting their own back by climbing over them to make me panic they would be skewered. And where were all the slack old regulars, especially the RA’s. We had to break in a new RA. The honourable (questionable) Cock in a Frock had the job thrust upon him and handled himself well. He had the 4 virgins dancing around the light. Charged a few people for fence climbing, over or under. No birthdays of course and no new names but we do need to give a few. Yamashittasuckerfish told a dodgey apple joke which I won’t be repeating to my mother and Vagrant read another from her mobile phone. It drizzled rain but the food was so good no-one cared. Noname produced Kebabs and falafels and salads and chocolate cake with cream. People sheltered under the trees or just stood in the rain. Not like most of the April runs I remember. The new waterproof camera is great but the lens gets wet and makes the photos a bit funny. Looks like it’s snowing in this one and the girl with the pindan breasts obviously fitted under the fence, but then so did Booberater. Vagrant went the long way.

Next week at Storks place.

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