Thursday, March 24, 2011

Run#220 The Trash

I have fucking jury duty. How bad is that? As if I don’t have enough to do in my life without having to sit in a chair all day listening to waffle. I write waffle, I don’t want to have to listen to it. I planned my week around not getting picked and I ended up being the very last one chosen. I explained to the Judge that I had an important hash blog to write but that didn’t work so I suggested he read it to evaluate my mental state but he wouldn’t be in that either. I did see Vagrant sitting there working. How boring must that be? Enough about me, I’ve had my whinge and feel better now. The run was set by the students who study meds. I think Celine being the only named one. It was a long run. I was a tad late so I did the first part with the walkers and the last part with the race horses. People like Spec, Fluffer, Butterbitch et al are machines. There seemed to be a lot of shortcutters towards the end but hey, can’t blame them for that. Huge turn out in the 40’s and a nice large green venue for the circle. After the traditional critique of the run it became the Stealth Show. Yes, our youngest 50 plus runs hasher is about to leave home. It became a night she probably won’t forget. It began with putting her in an iced chair in the middle of the circle and then any reason Butterbitch could come up with she ended up getting doused in beer. People caught on fast and dumped on her. It was also a big night for Conchie who reached the big one hundred. Like half of most people’s down downs he ended up on Stealth’s lap. Some guy with hairy armpits gave the famous couple a large freshwater toast which was almost caught by the famous photographer Bogger. Well done Conchie and Stealth and hey, Butterbitch, you neglected to mention it was your 50th Run so we’ll have to get you next week. We had a heap of Virgins and several namings. Warnie, for the phone sex girl, Some reference to another masseuse which I can’t remember as well as Pussy puller and Pussy something else for the two people who just happened to be named on the night silly names were being handed out and Aunty Jack who actually looks just like Aunty Jack but I didn’t want to say anything in case he ripped my bloody arms off. (*Young people laugh here, even though you don’t get it). The judge is calling, I have to go. The food was great although you had to be a vegetarian if you stood around talking to people for too long. Lots of baby lamingtons which made me a little sad as we just ate them with out thinking about the fact that they will never make it to be big lamingtons. Yes your honour, I’m coming.

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