Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Run#217The Trash

Now what do I do? I dumb down the blog and everyone tells me how good it was. I can’t write through virginal eyes for ever, particularly not at my age. So stiff, back to my able, acute, alert, alive, all there, apt, astute, brainy, bright, brilliant, calculating, capable, clever, comprehending, creative, deep, discerning, enlightened, exceptional, highbrow, imaginative, ingenious, instructed, inventive, keen, knowledgeable, original, penetrating, perceptive, perspicacious, profound, quick, quick-witted, rational, ready, reasonable, resourceful, responsible, sharp, smart, thinking, understanding, well-informed, wise and witty normal blog. I could delve into the thesaurus again to describe the last run but hey, it was plain good and if you were there you would know that. Slang and Faucet set a great run around old Broome and Chinatown that made most people comment that it seemed short but thanks to our friend at map my run it was exactly 4.97 km without any of those on backs that most people fell for. You gotta love that. And the 50,000 litre footpath at the end was pretty popular. Two of the girls, Quickie and Stealth joined the 50 Club and now have engraved mugs to impress their friends and make their parents proud. The parents of the 4 virgins may be a little less jubilant if they’d watched their sons do the Broome Can-can. May have been better if they did the whole thing underwater instead of just the last bit, although the singing was far from melodious. There were a few people in the pool, most notably Barge who tried unsuccessfully twice to push Faucet in the pool on his own. Somehow Slang and Booberator never ended up taking the plunge. Cracker was there for her usual media appearance and I heard Perky mentioned a few times but didn’t see her take a down down. AT was the RA which obviously only makes sense to hashers. And the food. Well no cursory one liner about that. We had Booberator back in action slaving away, cooking pots of great curries complemented with poppadoms and the entire rice supply of a small Asian city. There was almost a stampede to the door to get started with food queues backed up into the darkness. There was plenty for those wanting 2nds and 3rds. Now is probably a good time to go back to the start of this blog and say that variety is the spice of life and not all runs have to be great or every meal fantastic. Come next week and you get Red telling you to run to the end of the street and back and then Muppet serving up sausages and chips. Hey, it’s all good. Be there. Opps, the photos by Puller. .

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