Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hares's Urinal & Cock in a Frock not virgins!

Paddys day theme, wear green/potato sacks/ anything irish so says Urinal

Cock in a Frock has no idea where its from cause he hasn't let me know, so I'm guessing its the Clementson Rd turn off to Demco Reserve (not easy to find unless you know it but its just past the bend of Dora and the start of Clementson.

ed. It's a Rotunda and yes it is in front of the Derby Export Meat Company Estate.

Urinal has promised some Guiness & Pie but who knows what we might get!!

Its also going to be a Live Hare run! Which means that they take off before us and mark the run as they go and we have to catch them-if we do which we shall of course then they have to buy us a Slab. If we don't then they still have to buy us a slab! Win win really so you have got nothing to lose but come along and look like an idiot in a potato sack. Urinal has not told us where we might get a hessian sack in Broome perhaps he gets them imported?

Also Slang is setting up a merchandising stall on the night to sell shirts & caps so bring along some extra dosh.

On On & Cheers


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