Monday, February 21, 2011

Run#215The Trash

In the beginning

and in the end


  • Hares Perky and Butterbitch
  • 41 runners mostly in red dresses
  • Valentines day clues worked well in wet conditions
  • Swim at Frangipani Resort which was deserted
  • Faucet 100 runs
  • Someone named Maaarhh. Most popular naming of the year
  • 2 virgins
  • 2 birthdays
  • Pocahontas survived drink from old shoe strained through Wombat’s frilly red knickers
  • Octopuusy stressed out over cooking for 40 girls (or dressed like girls)
  • Faucet working to hard to write blog this week
  • Photos by Jackoff, Red and Slowlane and guy from cable beach

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