Friday, January 21, 2011

Run#211The Trash

Okay, okay, okay stop crying. I’m back. A new year, new camera and new excuses, actually I wanted to get this out early but only got my computer back last night so I’ll have to reuse one of my old excuses first up. You don’t care do you? Well good to see Hash can survive without me. I put up with a poxy broken camera for 6 months and then come back and find we have a new pretty blue one, but it already has photos on it. There was a picture of a bunch of tossers with reindeer antlers, actually several pictures. Why did Barge only have 8 people in her spa when we know it holds 23, and what’s with the foot shoe thing. Where did that come from and did someone have to drink a down down out of it? There was some sort of blurred photo they may have been the case but it’s hard to tell and if it were true then I guess the photographer could have been excused for being in a state of laughter while taking the shot. Can someone please enlighten those of us who weren’t there. There is a comment button at the end of the blog for this purpose. Just ask your mummy to show you how to use it.
So, Run 211, I was there for that one and so were about 35 other people. Bogger and Deep Throat had the challenge of setting a run that would more than likely be washed away in this glorious rain we are having this year. The run was easy if you listened to the lesson about pink bits. One pink ribbon was on, two pink ribbons was on back and the pink ribbon without the dangly bit was a check. Girl logic but it worked well if you could find the ribbon. The circle was good with A.T. at the helm and Red as his bitch. Deep throat got to wear the seat and Bogger had to use the hash pipe for the shit run and for some reason used the occasion to have a beer eyewash.. Sorry the photo is pretty crap as not only am I going blind (probably because of the reason my mother warned me about) but it’s new and complicated and will take me a while to master. We had a few virgins to play with and heaps of returnees to welcome back. We also had a naming which was pretty funny. In a search for a suitable name someone mentioned that he was an aircon mechanic to which Slang burst in and said she required his services upstairs and so ‘upstairs servicing’ was suggested until Stealth chipped in that it was really her downstairs that need servicing. So he’s now christened “Downstairs Servicing”. We also had some new shoes. Faucet turned up with shiny blue shoes to match the new camera and clean socks because he knew what would happen but some poor virgin girl only found out then and there that new shoes mean free beer. But to her credit she drank a stubbie from her shoe and hopefully unlike the last virgin we did that too she will be back next week. Plenty of food, lasagne and salad and chocy chip cookies for desert but we ran out of beer. Naughty girls. Fortunately AT raced off and grabbed a couple of cartons and saved the day. Thirsty work this running stuff. Next week we’re at Yamashitta Suckerfish’s place.
We need some more gossip so bring it along. On On


Anonymous said...

Welcome home faucet-have missed your blogs & you of course! barge

Anonymous said...

Yup, thats my shoe (Urinal), and yup, i down-downed out of it, through wombat's sock aswell.

Tasted like some kind of cheese-fish