Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Well the generous offer at this night's Hash of the opportunity to join the Bloomsbury group of Broome Hash Trashers and bask in the glory of Trashendom has been categorically ignored/overlooked and indeed passed over (jewish reference for christmas).

So here I am, not working but blogging.......

Auspicious start to Monday's Hash - Red actually remembered the Ginger Beer (courtesy of Matsos Broome Brewery - try the Chilli Crab Linguine and the Red Nose Reindeer Beer.

Faucet was not late! Though he wasn't there........

Octopussy got everyone's blood up with a stirring mumble about the run written on the back of an envelope. There was mention of checks so no-one can whinge about them though people probably expected the odd arrow between the checks (there were three).

Picture running from one check to another check yelling checking and then arriving at aforesaid check only to yell checking when in reality you are now on because you've passed two checks EXCEPT that you are no longer on because you just ran through a check and should be in fact yell out CHECKING!


That said a nice traditional look at me run through Broome past the Roey. Slang picked up a bloke there as she ran past - (they are quite choosy).

Kennedy Hill was included in the mix and Faucet installed someone on teh corner to help us along - I think they use her voice on those GPSs that people have in tehir cars. Hands up if she called you a fat Bastard!

Slow Lane was seen meandering between Monnlight Bay and Matsos doing his "I'm working" thing but in reality having just walked out f a private drinking session with Blondie.

Newly weds Anal and Westpac were back. Both straight back into their old roles - Hash-wise I mean I'm sure they are still relishing their post marital blissedness.

Round and round Broome everyone went - most checks were come at from at least 3 different directions - I think Conchie and a person whose name escapes me (he's that fast!) claim to have done the whole thing.

Woodpecker went with Red in search of one of Red's old routes but the fences had been changed and they forced back and went home early.

Stealth got left on her own Again. The Walkers, Pushers and Cripples were not seen after the courthouse.

Back for circle and swimming and down downs and swimming and bombies and tacos/wraps and Stealth dove into the pool with Deep Throats keys in her pocket to see if the immoboliser was waterproof (It was).

A naming was made Poke Her Hontas joins Broome Hash. And we had one of those screaming yelling toing and froing namings - the Hospital sub crew screeched away for ten minutes and then Wombat came up with Simply Med and that's what it is. This was another record, an immediately named virgin in an enormous turn out of several dozen.
Uranus did his greek thing crushing bottles under his feet and dancing the Zorba.

As the nigth wore the numbers of hashers and Beers dwindled.

Deep Throat admitted to being single and then having slept with with a curry (not sexually satisfying but quite tasty and made better conversation then her ex. apparently. (I don't think that was confidential...)

Grunter, Uranus, God Knows, Octopussy and Faucet kicked on for some time then another brief flurry of bombies in the pool and an end was called.

That'll do. Bogger had the camera. God knows what she did with the pictures.


Faucet said...

I appreciate your effort to emulate my missing blogs. Maybe I’ll get God to send you a nice letter or a certificate or something.

Barge said...

That was actually quite funny Red. The med. guy was the virgin and he was named Simply Med. he has no idea why! Too young to know Simply Red Red. It was Wombats idea as it is apparently a hash name so maybe he can shed some light on it.

Barge said...
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Red said...

Barge - It was hilarious! We have come up with some shit names - It seems as if the only criteria for a hash name is that they need to get a titter out of a prepubescent boy.
I have doctored the Blog to look like I knew who everyone was......

Faucet - a traditional way of showing gratitude is a head job.

Red said...

I can also delete your comments to maintain my aura of all knowingingness......