Monday, December 6, 2010


There won't be any photos on this blog for fear it may incriminate someone.....

A bucket of Veet wouldn't have removed the amount of hair on display at Entrance Point last Monday Night - and that was just the girls!

A great many firsts were established in what turned out to be a cracking run amongst through under and around some of the most diverse terrain available to hashers in Broome;

The howling wind saw the introduction of piles of rocks/sticks and charcoal as markers.
Hermit crabs don't eat sawdust but 30knot winds blow it away.
An octagon made of sticks = a circle in any other substance
Black arrows are hard to see at night!
Face Paint runs off faces sweating prodigously

Food was actually cooked - which for Red was incredible the fact it was edible all the more astounding.

Bandit pappadumed and riced and slipped in a chocolate slice which was actually chocolate coated fat and sugar but tasted better than that sounds!

Not actually having done the run I can't comment on it. The returned hashers used words like brilliant and incredible and awesome and shit.

Crowned Mr & Mrs Movember after ruling out a couple of girls who hadn't waxed for a while and tried to do slow lane out of his Mr Movember 'tash.

Returnees NIC & Sam (it's been so long I can't remember their hash names!)

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